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Blackheads Write for Us

Blackheads Write for Us

Blackheads Write for Us – Blackheads or come dons often cause embarrassment and in security for many teenagers and adults. And also, These imperfections tend to give the skin an impure and uneven appearance, undermining self-confidence. And also, Let’s find out together what blackheads are, why they appear, and what are the remedies to eliminate them, and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads – also called open comedones – are skin impurities deriving from the dilatation and opening of whiteheads or closed comedones. And also, It are a common phenomenon in youth, typical of skin areas more affluent in sebaceous glands, such as the nose, cheeks, or back. Once formed, they can remain as they are for long periods, regress, or degenerate into inflammatory phenomena of bacterial origin. For this reason, blackheads are considered the antechamber of acne in adolescence.

Cause: Why do Blackheads Form?

Blackheads form as a result of the so-called whiteheads opening. And also, The latter comprises oily masses containing sebum,  keratin, and sometimes microorganisms, which accumulate inside the hair follicles. When white come dons open under the pressure of their contents to expand, lipid oxidation, associated. And also, In with the migration of cells rich in melanin, determines the formation of the characteristic dark cap, hence the term “blackheads.” Even if the coloration of the top of the blackhead is not due to dirt, poor skin cleaning can still favor its appearance.

Treatment: How to Get Rid of Blackheads?

Blackheads are a beauty flaw often perceived as suffering and excessively penalizing for appearance. For this reason, we try to rely on any remedy to eliminate them. And also, However, It should note that not all the strategies implemented are consider valid and safe. Let’s go into more detail.

Crush Blackheads

As everyone knows, squeezing the blackheads between your fingers facilitates the expulsion of their content. And also, In which appears in the form of adipose cylinders with a dark apex.

Cosmetics product

A first attempt that can be made to try to remove blackheads is to resort to the use of cosmetic products. Widespread is, for example, using cosmetics with an exfoliating action or that can control and remove excess sebum (masks, lotions, etc.)

Dermo-aesthetic treatments

The use of dermo-aesthetic treatments is also widespread in what can define as the brutal fight against blackheads. And also, An example of treatments of this type is represented by the chemical peeling, which favors the removal of the more superficial layers of the skin, stimulating the regeneration and cell turnover simultaneously.

Manual removal

By manual removal is using suitable and specially sterilized tools such as the blackhead aspirator. And also, it is possible to facilitate the expulsion of the oily mass enclosed within the blackheads.

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