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Can Online Gaming Improve Your Mental Health?

Many people think that playing online gaming just for earning money through various bonus options like will be detrimental to the player’s mental and emotional health. But, when you look a bit deeper you will come to know that online games can prove really helpful to the players. There are several benefits of playing games on our health providing you do not get much addicted to it!

Is there something very good about online gaming?

Before we go ahead discussing the various harms of gaming, it’s fair to mention several benefits. Apart from being a fun pastime and entertaining, gaming will provide the best way for people to communicate with one another —virtual community —since they work together to completing the common tasks. Today’s society is suffering from the epidemic of loneliness, so gaming will be the best way of connecting with your friends and family, that otherwise become tough to connect or communicate with the people in our life, like kids, grandchildren, or with autistic kids, who will have challenges with the traditional communication modes.

There’s mixed research done that there are a few cognitive advantages to online gaming, like better control of your attention & improved spatial reasoning, although it is not totally very clear how much such benefits extend outside the video game series in the real world out there. Finally, video games have got medical applications, like training people with degenerative diseases that will improve balance, helping people with ADHD to improve their memory skills, and training surgeons to do complicated operations technically.

Development of Cognitive Skills

When you are playing any kinds of games, like board games, video games, poker, and bingo games online, you have to focus & work out the gaming strategy. Such a level of concentration generally grows your mental agility & problem-solving abilities, since you’re forced to think about the next move & work to improve the odds of winning the game.

You will improve your reaction and dexterity times from playing video games or other games, which need a fast response, like bingo. For instance, when you are playing the game of bingo you have to listen for your bingo caller & mark numbers off on the card fast, ready for your next call. You have to keep yourself mentally alert so that you will know when you won your game. In the same way, when you are playing video games, you require quick responses for dealing with new situations.

Improvements in the job-related skills

Lots of studies suggest that video games improve your job performance, particularly for jobs that need good hand and eye coordination, excellent working memory, attention, as well as fast decision-making. A correlation study demonstrated gamers were much better than the non-gamers in an ability to fly & landing the aerial drones or were as good as the trained pilots on the skill.

Another study revealed that the young and inexperienced doctors who were avid gamers outperformed the experienced surgeons in the field. In the experiment, beginner surgeons who were offered experience with video games improved performance in laparoscopic surgery when compared to the control group of surgeons who didn’t have much experience.

Play gaming in moderation

Like with other activities out there that have complete potential benefits & harms, here moderation is a key. Any harm that generally comes from online gaming will be improved, in case not avoided, by restricting hours spent on the screen and engaging in healthy activities such as exercising and socializing in today’s real-world rather than the virtual game world.

Education is a necessary key for the prevention of injury. This education involves taking breaks, eating healthy snacks, stretching, as well as resting & icing the thumb, wrist, and elbow when it hurts will address injuries quite early, before it becomes very important. To have less impact on eyes, gamers need to try switching off every 20 minutes and look something 20 ft away for over 20 seconds.

Final Words

Lack of transparency has been one important issue for the scientists who are hoping to understand the player behaviors & authors said earlier research used for proposing advice for the parents was done without a strong evidence base. Thus, online games have a lot of benefits just make sure you do not get addicted to it!

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