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Protein Write for UsProtein Write for Us – Proteins are (after water) the most abundant biological molecules in the human body and all living organisms; they are found in all cells and comprise at least 50% of their dry weight. Generally, these are giant molecules (macromolecules) made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen as a basic structure. Still, they can also contain sulfur, phosphorus, and sometimes metals, for example, iron, zinc, and copper.

What are Proteins?

Proteins are large, complex molecules that fill and perform numerous roles critical to the survival of the organism; they are responsible for most of the processes that occur in every cell. And also, If but they are also necessary to ensure the structure and proper functioning of tissues and organs and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

What Foods are High in Protein?

The highest protein content is found in foods of physical origin, such as fish, meat, and dairy products. Among athletes, lean veal steaks , turkey breast , chicken , tuna , eggs , yogurt and cottage cheese are the most popular foods. And also, On average, an 85-gram beef steak contains about 23 grams of protein, the same weight of pork 26, chicken 24. And also, Meat contains all nine essential amino acids our body takes in through food. Fruits, vegetables, Grains, and nuts contain significant amounts of protein.

What are the Benefits of Protein?

Eating enough protein to meet our body’s needs is essential for many bodily functions. However, evidence suggests that increasing protein intake above required levels could provide additional health benefits in certain situations.

Protein and Weight Control

Eating foods high in protein has shown to increase our feelings of roundness (also known as satiety) more than foods high in fat or carbohydrates. And also, There is good evidence from short-term studies that protein-rich diets (i.e., 1.2 – 1.6 g/kg apiece day; 84 – 112 g per day for a 70 kg mature) can help decrease general calorie intake and result in rapid weight loss.

Protein and Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a disease characterized by the liberal loss of muscle mass and physical function commonly associated with older people. And also, Sarcopenia is associated with augmented frailty, risk of falls, functional decline, and even premature death.

Protein and Athletic Performance

It has long associate with performance athletes. Protein plays a vital role in helping to repair and strengthen muscle tissue after exercise. And also, While protein is essential for muscle structure, it should consider in your diet, including the right amount of starches, fats, vitamins, and minerals to maximize its benefits.

Diets and Proteins

Research has shown that vegetable proteins are incomplete compare to animal proteins, lacking some essential amino acids. And also, For this reason, when following a diet, balance foods should always combine to promote the daily protein requirement.

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