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Anxiety Write For UsAnxiety is a term that describes a psychological disorder that can have characteristics such as fear, concern for the future, prolonged worry, and nervousness. and Anxiety is common for everyone. However, anxiety called a psychological disorder when anxiety prevents a person from living daily life and carrying out productive activities. You can send your article to our official email id

Causes of Anxiety

The exact cause of anxiety is unknown. However, it proven that a combination of certain factors causes anxiety. However, Like other mental disorders, anxiety caused by the failure of the brain’s nerves to control emotions and fear. For example, stress can change the flow of communication between nerve cells in brain circuits. This will change certain brain structures that control emotions. Therefore, This particular brain structure originally formed from genetics and family heredity.

Environmental factors such as childhood trauma (e.g. domestic violence, loss of a parent, etc.) or major life problems (e.g. financial crisis and failed relationships) can trigger anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety can also caused by systemic disorders such as hyperthyroidism, endocrine problems, low blood sugar, calcium deficiency, and heart disease. You can send your article to our official email id

And also, Anxiety or anxiety not caused by a person’s weak personality or poor education.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response in dealing with difficult situations. And also, Anxiety can be helpful if a situation that requires a “fight or flight” response occurs. The “fight or flight” response is a response regulated by the adrenaline hormone that will determine whether you should “fight” or “flight” in a critical situation. However, you may have an anxiety disorder if these responses are excessive and prolonged or become overly paranoid about minor issues. Signs of an anxiety disorder are or a combination of the following:

  • Feelings of irritability, irritability, sadness, or worry
  • Can’t focus and calm
  • It’s hard to sleep
  • Fear and panic
  • Heart pounding for no apparent reason
  • Cold sweaty hands and feet
  • Tingling feeling in the hands or feet
  • Muscles tense up
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Dry mouth

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