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5 Essential Features of a TV Protective Solution Ideal for High-Ligature Facilities

TV is essential in environments like mental health and correctional facilities as it entertains and provides distraction. As much as the entertainment and distraction relieve stress, the gargets are at high risk of destruction due to the aggressive nature of those in such facilities. Thankfully, there are TV protection solutions that you can use as an administrator to protect the gadget. Unfortunately, the patients or inmates in such facilities are at high risk of harming themselves, including using the TV protection solutions or their part. Here are the five essential features of TV protection solutions that will be ideal for such facilities.

Ligature-Resistant Design

A ligature-resistant design is the first feature you should check when purchasing such facilities’ protection solutions. A solution with such a design, like the ligature resistant TV enclosure, has smooth surfaces void of protrusions that the vulnerable can use to harm themselves. They also have concealed mounting points to prevent chances of self-harm. In addition, they come with integrated cable management that ensures neat organization and reduces the chances of being used for ligature purposes. You can learn about such features from the producer’s official website.

Shatterproof Screen

A shatterproof screen refers to a display designed to resist breakage into dangerous pieces. It is one of the essential features that determine if a TV protection solution is ideal for environments where safety is paramount. This feature beefs up protection by reducing the potential for self-harm. It’d be best to look for explicit mentions of impact-resistant material or shatterproof in the product description. Other relevant sources of this information are the user manuals.

Anti-Ligature Mounting Options

Anti-ligature mounting options refer to secure installation methods that minimize the risk of creating risky points. A TV protection solution ideal for such environments has options like flush-mounted fixtures that leave minimal space that someone can use to harm themselves. Another option is recessed mounting, which entails fixing the TV protection solution within a surface, reducing exposed components. It’d be best to check if the protection solution has these mounting options or others like continuous hinges, angled surfaces, and security seals.

Remote Control Accessibility

Remote control accessibility is another essential feature of TV protection solutions that are ideal for such risky environments. This feature offers a practical advantage when the outer part of the TV protection solution minimizes opportunities for direct contact with the gadget. Choosing a protection solution that allows remote control accessibility is convenient to the staff, prevents disruption, and minimizes contingency risks like turning off the TV if need be.

VESA Mount Compatibility

Last but not least is the VESA mount compatibility. This refers to the Video Electronics Standard Association, which specifies the pattern of mounting holes on the back of the TV, facilitating attachment to a compatible wall mount or mounting arm. As an administrator, choosing a ligature resistant TV enclosure with VESA mount compatibility is essential. It ensures easy installation, flexible display placement, and, most importantly, enhances safety in such an environment.

Television sets are essential in correctional or mental health facilities. However, they are at risk of damage, hence the need for TV protection solutions. But, it is worth noting that such an environment is high-ligature. That’s why you must check the essential features covered here to ensure safety.


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