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Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask: What’s the Hype about?

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Is your night skincare routine sounding like a routine? It is time to give an extra pump of love to your skin at night time. And, what can be best if not Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask?

Requires zero effort and is easy enough to do in your sleep!

Sleeping masks are on the rise, promising to deliver intense hydration and nutrients to the skin overnight for a perfect glow the next morning (altering the meaning of beauty sleep).

But, how can a watermelon sleeping mask be a part of my skincare routine? What’s so good about watermelon- a simple summer fruit?

Being more than just a vital ingredient in your daiquiri, watermelon has made a cut to your skincare cabinet too! In the form of a sleep glow mask, watermelon pampers the skin making it all radiant and glowy!

History of Watermelon

Originated in South Africa, watermelon is available in a wide range of varieties- sweet, bland, and bitter. And, it was cultivated in India by the 7th century, reaching China by the 10th century (now, the largest producer of watermelon in the world).

That was just a brief history of the relishing watermelon, let’s come to its goodness.

Is Watermelon good for you?

Watermelon, a juicy fruit that we enjoy in the summers, repletes with nutrients. It has a high concentration of potassium, vitamin A, B, and C. But, lycopene (an antioxidant) gives the red color to the fruit. With less fat content and more water, watermelon not only benefits our health but also our skin.

From moisturizing to nourishing to boosting the skin radiance, your skin longs for watermelon effects as much as your taste buds do.

It’s exfoliating

Chasing summer goals can be a little tedious! And, constant exposure to heat, humidity, and sweat along with moisture-zapping air conditioning leaves your skin less luminous. Watermelon is the perfect ingredient to gently buff away the skin cells that clog the pores and keep the skin hydrated, nourished, and healthy.

Rich in malic acid, the fruit helps in gentle exfoliation but will not tighten the skin ever because of its benevolent moisturizing properties. By breaking down the upper dead skin layer, it results in a smoother, even, and dewy fresh complexion.

It’s moisturizing

Watermelon is 93% water making them so juicy and drippy at every bite! Also, why watermelon can be the best for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. It only adds hydration and moisture but also retains the existing ones for a natural healthy glow.

And, malic acid we just talked about works as a humectant which implies that it draws in moisture naturally for a steady hydration supply to the skin.

It’s antiaging

Wrinkles, fine lines, signs of aging- happens to all of us! And, while we embrace them, watermelon is the one to love as it helps to keep the skin firm, smooth, plump, and reserve the youthful glow.

Recall lycopene mention in the beginning? Besides the vitamins and the antioxidants in watermelon, lycopene is potent to delay the aging signs. It helps in skin cells’ repair, regeneration of new ones, slows down collagen degradation and fights the free radicals to improve the firmness of the skin.

It can reduce redness and inflammation

Got sensitive or acne-prone skin? Watermelon can be your new go-to. Lycopene along with other antioxidants is packed with strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in calming skin irritation.

For years, Korean grandmothers have been rubbing watermelon rinds on the skin to soothe red and inflamed skin, rashes, and sunburn. It helped in recovering faster. Thus, making it perfect in the form of a sleep glow mask.

It’s for all skin types

Good news? Watermelon is ideal for all skin types- sensitive or oil! It’s less acidic, loaded with water, and is absolutely sugar- making it blissful for a skincare routine for each complexion type.

Depending upon what your skincare goal is, you can use it in the form of an ultra-hydrating sleep glow mask. It has skin-rejuvenating antioxidants and vitamins that gratify your skin for a lasting glow that you’d love!

Best Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is a building block of small pleasures to make you feel great about yourself. Uniqaya is cognizant of watermelon skin benefits and thus has formulated a hydrating sleep glow mask.

Uniqaya Vitamin C sleep mask for glowing skin is enriched with watermelon extract, horse chestnut, licorice, and aloe vera juice that tones the skin overnight. Watermelon is rich in vitamin C that repairs the skin from inside by fighting the free radicals and protecting it from environmental damages. With Licorice extract, the sleep glow mask is ideal for skin with hyperpigmentation, and inflammation.

Besides undoing the damages the skin faced during the day, it offers a dose of extra love to the skin. The Sleep Repair mask provides intense hydration, rejuvenation, and vitality to the skin. It does all the heavy lifting of your skin while you sleep to wake up to hydrated, glowing, and luminous skin.

Ready for showering love to your skin? Get your Sleep Glow Mask for yourself to glowy and radiant skin.

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