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Tips to Alleviate Work Anxiety

Tips to Alleviate Work Anxiety – If you are employed, your duties almost certainly involve completing an array of tasks, working with a team to achieve specific goals and meeting strict deadlines. Such situations can easily influence your mental health and cause feelings of anxiety and nervousness. Understanding work anxiety and how to manage it helps promote good health and boost performance in your role. In this read, we are going to look at some of the best ways to manage anxiety at work. 

Practice Self-Care

Looking after yourself goes a look way in creating a healthy relationship and exploring your needs. Self-care at the workplace is a major aspect of fighting burnout and stress. If you implement techniques that manage your physical and mental wellness at the office, you will feel more at ease, focused and more productive. A few examples of self-care techniques include socializing with your colleagues, playing your favorite music, recording your workplace accomplishments and packing your favorite meals for lunch. 

Utilize Positive Affirmations

Having a positive attitude can go a long way in shifting your perspective in situations that might make you anxious. Affirmations lead to a positive perspective as they entail making confident statements and using them to build self-esteem. A great thing about positive affirmations is that you can utilize this strategy at any time, and is especially helpful when you experience stress or anxiety.


Exercise is known to be beneficial for both physical and mental health as it alleviates stress and promotes the release of endorphins. You can engage in physical activity at work by taking the stairs, walking around the workplace or even doing some stretches. Consider working out before or after work or even during breaks. Exercising will help you develop healthy habits like getting adequate sleep, building self-esteem and even consuming healthy foods. Here are a few ways to incorporate exercise into work with the aim of managing anxiety:

(i) Change your Commute– consider walking or riding a bike to work rather than driving. If the commute is longer, consider walking or taking a bike to the bus or train station. This will help alleviate stress and reduce the chances of anxiety while on the road. 

(ii) Start and Exercise Club– You can also ask your colleagues to join you in a club that exercises together. Yoga during lunch breaks and exercises classes a few times a month are a few examples. 

(iii) Take Stretch Breaks- Consider setting a timer whereby you take a break and do a few stretches. Keeping your body moving and taking breaks helps relieve physical stress and anxiety caused by work. 

(IV) Change your Diet – there are numerous things you can do to your diet and the vitamins and minerals and other supplements you take to help you relax. Here are some products

Take a Mental Health Day

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, taking a mental health day can prove beneficial. This allows you to take a break from work and focus on improving your health and well-being as well as replenishing your energy. Taking a day off to rest the mind will help you develop a positive view of your life, reduce anxious feelings and make you more productive. When determining whether a mental health day is necessary, ensure you’re honest with yourself in regards to your needs and feelings. If you feel that you would benefit from speaking to a professional don’t hesitate – find a Chicago psychiatrist here .

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