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Anime Characters With Brown Hair

Introduction Anime Characters With Brown Hair

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I recently made a list of the best anime girls with purple hair . In that, I mentioned that I would make many more similar lists. This time I have decided to collect some of the best female anime characters sporting brown hair. Well, brown is a neutral color. If you’ve been seeing anime for some time, you would have seen how strange producers and creators get with their color composition. Certain anime characters are triggered to put the audience into a color-induced frenzy! Compared to them, brown is much more subtle and a bit meh. But do not worry. These characters are not, and they look great with their brown hair. So, here is the list of the best anime girls with brown hair.

Brown hair, like dark, is one of the extra understated hair colors in anime, and it’s not something that stands out. Unlike bright hair colors, there is no defining factor, style, or cliché for a brown-haired anime character. Make them unique to some extent

Holo The Wise Wolf Anime Characters With  Brown hair

Anime Characters With Brown Hair


Anime Holo The Wise Wolf is a deity, goddess, and beautiful female character designed to grab your attention.

The first episode clarifies this point, although it is not a common theme in this historical or adventure series.

Of all the brown-haired anime fonts, Holo is outstanding and surprising for his looks, especially since she is not regarded as an ordinary “human” girl.


Anime character tsunami starts naive, although relatively loud. Only to find out that there is a dark side to corrupting a government, the society it finds itself in, and the hard truths about how people are blackmailed into modern slaves.

Tatsumi starts naive, even though he’s relatively intense. To learn that there is a dark side to the corrupt government, its society, and the exacting truths of how people are being extorted and turned into modern-day slaves.

It is where his journey begins, filled with pain and a slap in the face of reality.

 Sun Seto

Sun Seto is a bride to be, who is a mermaid with a Yakuza family background.

She is not just part of the Yakuza but has exceptional abilities as a mermaid that make her a commanding bride in her own right.

And unlike her challenging family experience, Sun Seto is a peaceful, air-headed, but loyal female character. Who has no problem setting limits and letting you know when you have crossed the line?

Shiori Shinomiya

Seryu Ubiquitous seems like a well-mannered girl who is kind to everyone she meets. And he even has manners when communicating with his everyday person.

But there is a darker and more worrying side to Seryu’s character that causes her to oscillate between “Yin and Yang” depending on the situation.

She is the type of character you love with a passion, or HATE with even more passion. But one thing that cannot be taken away from Seryu is how memorable she is in the anime community.

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