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Are Dip Powder Nails Healthier?

When it comes to manicures, dip powder is definitely the new go-to option. With the durability of acrylic and the flexibility of gel, a dip powder mani has the best of both worlds and dip powder provides a beautiful, long-lasting manicure that provides a high-shine finish for over 2 weeks. Many claim the manicure is a healthy alternative in a world of harsh nail treatments. Are dip powder nails actually healthier? The short answer is yes they can be, depending on a few factors.

What is Dip Powder?

First things first, if you’re not already familiar with a dip powder mani, we’ll break it down for you. During a dip powder manicure, first, the nail is lightly buffed and filed. A thin layer of an adhesive base coat is applied to each nail and then dipped into a fine-colored powder and repeated until the desired color is obtained. After, an activator liquid is applied which cures the powder finished with a clear top coat which creates a hard, glossy finish with absolutely zero drying time, and that’s it! The entire dip powder mani process takes about 45-55 minutes to complete. Dips have a reputation for having richer, deeper colors.

Safer Alternative to Acrylic

Because of its lasting power and durability, many nail addicts find dip powder to be a much safer alternative to acrylic nails. Many acrylic products contain harmful and toxic chemicals that can irritate the skin, eyes, or airways and may even cause an allergic reaction. Acrylic nails also have the potential to greatly damage the nail bed due to the intensity of filing down each nail during application and removal. Dip powder on the other hand won’t damage the nail bed as long as you don’t pick or peel at your manicure and get it removed correctly instead. 

High-Quality Products use Healthy Ingredients 

It’s no secret that some nail products on the market contain toxic ingredients. If you’re going to get a dip powder manicure, it’s important to use high-quality products that won’t damage your nails or cause irritations. You will need to ask for this specifically at the salon, because most salons will substitute the cheapest product they can. For example,  SNS prioritizes nail health, only using non-toxic ingredients plus including 6 nutrients in their bases and sealers, more than any other brand. If your salon will use both the SNS dip and bases, you’ll get Vitamin A, E, B5, D3, calcium, and zinc applied during the process, which all promote healthy nail growth and actually make nails healthier with every application. 

Facilitates Nail Growth

There may be nothing worse than a broken nail. Not only does it ruin your mani, but it can often tear or snag below the nail bed causing you pain and potential infections. A major bonus of dip powder’s incredible durability is the fact that it provides gentle protection to your nails which minimizes breakage and allows them to grow long and strong.

No Harmful UV Lights 

Gel and dip powder may be  two of the most popular nail services, however, many may be concerned with the use of a UV lamp when it comes to gels. Too much exposure to harmful UV rays can cause sun damage to your skin. The great thing about dip powder is there’s no need for any UV lamp as the manicure is cured with a liquid activator providing a hard brilliant shine with zero drying time and no lamp necessary.

Tips to Keep Nails Healthy

When applied and removed correctly and properly cared for, dip powder nails are a safe and healthy manicure option. Follow these tips to ensure your dip powder manicure always looks beautiful and your nails always stay in tip-top shape.

  • DO NOT pick or peel at your dip powder manicure. Have a nail tech properly remove it to prevent any damage to your nail bed.
  • Use cuticle oil and moisturizer daily to keep your hands and nails hydrated and nourished.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet full of whole foods with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy nail growth.
  • Consider taking a biotin supplement for optimal nail health.
  • Use high-quality, non-toxic nail products which keep your nails healthy.
  • Try to avoid hot water from wreaking havoc on your mani by wearing gloves while doing the dishes.

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