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What is Banana Flower? – Benefits, Cooking Recipe, and More

Banana Flower Definition

Banana flower is a purple flower in the shape of a drop that hangs at the end of many bananas.

The tough maroon petals surrounding the flowers are known as bracts and need to be removed and discarded. They are inedible.

The light yellow rosette enclosed within the bracts can dice and eaten raw in salads or cooked in curries.

What are the Benefits of Banana Flower?

The Banana Flower

Basically, Banana flowers value for their nutritional and health benefits; they are trendy in Southeast Asian cuisine.

The nutritional values of the banana flower particularly impressive and contain a wide variety of nutrients. This flower contains several minerals,  phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

1. Banana Flower For Weight Loss

The Banana Flower

  • Firstly, for every 100 grams of banana flowers, contain approximately 40 calories with 5 grams of protein and carbohydrates.
  • They are rich in fiber, and an individual feels satiated for longer. It makes banana blossoms ideal for any weight loss diet plan.
  • And also, The easiest way to enjoy the weight loss benefits of banana blossom is to combine—banana blossom with other low-calorie fresh vegetables in salads and soups.

2. Gastrointestinal Health

The Banana Flower


  • However, Banana flowers are an excellent source of dietary fiber, it contains soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves in water, and it forms a gel, and it passes food quickly through the digestive tract.
  • It regularly advises increasing their intake of soluble fiber. It should use banana flowers in their regular diet plan.
  • And also, The insoluble fiber in banana blossoms does not dissolve in water and helps provide bulk for undigested waste products.
  • People with constipation chronic patients should increase the intake of insoluble fiber.  Fiber promotes healthy digestion and absorption of food from the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Banana Flower For Diabetes

The Banana Flower


  • Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by sugar levels in the blood for a prolonged period. It can wreak havoc in various organs in the body.
  • And also, studies and animal tests conducted in a decade to determine the effect of banana blossom on diabetes.
  • Banana flower extracts promote glucose uptake, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.

4. Banana Flower For Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The Banana Flower

  • The  PMS symptoms can vary from woman to woman and can even go from month to month. The more common symptoms of PMS include bloating, digestive problems, mood swings, irritability, and depression.
  • Banana blossoms are an effective home remedy for PMS, as they can help improve it.
  • Steamed banana flowers with yogurt and freshly grated coconut is a simple, healthy, and delicious dish. That reduces the symptoms of PMS.
  • And also, Probiotics in the yogurt and the fiber in the flowers will help calm digestive discomfort and prevent bloating.
  • Banana blossoms contain magnesium, which is a natural antidepressant, and it will help reduce depression and mood swings.
  • And also, It can increase a woman’s progesterone levels, which will help prevent excessive menstrual bleeding.

5. Banana Flower for Cancer and Heart Disease

The Banana Flower

  • It is rich in phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids, and other antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative damage.
  • However, Its damage dramatically increases the risk of several diseases, including heart disease and cancer, antioxidants.
  • And also, It can play a vital role in preventing or even slowing the progression of these diseases.
  • It can help prevent neuronal disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as free radicals easily damage neural tissue.

What is Cooking Recipe With Banana Flower?

The Banana Flower

  • Choose a banana flower that unblemished and a uniform red-purple color. The flower petals should be close together, and there should be no sign of decay.
  • The outer petals are thick and sturdy, and you will need to remove these along with the small matchstick pistil.
  • You cannot consume these petals; it makes beautiful delicate serving boats for your banana flower salad.
  • And also, The banana flower is quite bitter, soak it overnight in water with vinegar or lemon juice.
  • The acids present in this juice break down the bitter sap, allowing the other flavors to come to the forefront.

Banana Flower Salad


  • Two banana flowers;
  • 500 grams of peeled and cooked prawns;
  • Five tablespoons of toasted almonds or a variety of nuts;
  • And also, One green onion, thinly sliced;
  • One teaspoon lemon or bitter lemon juice;
  • Salt and pepper to taste;
  • And also, One tablespoon butter.


  1. firstly, Chop the banana flowers into parts, soak them overnight in a bowl of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse and drain well.
  2. Secondly, Cook the shrimp in the butter along with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  3. And also, Grind the coarse of the stems that it forms a massive mixture and not smooth.
  4. Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix for one or two minutes. Please keep it in refrigerate for 30 minutes and garnish with a sprig of mint and serve.

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