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Bees Don’t Waste Their Time

Introduction: Bees Don’t Waste Their Time

Bees Don’t Waste Their Time like You have a purpose of fulfilling. People will talk about you, criticize you, will pull you down, but stop not until you’ve reached your destination.

Moreover, bees throw out their shit for the flies to feed on in the end.

You owe no one explanation for your goals, hustles, struggles except yourself. Bees Don’t Waste Their Time Trying to give details yourself to someone that doesn’t care is a waste of time and energy.

Do what you have to do even if people think you’re crazy – in the end, you’ll be accountable to yourself alone. Work in silence and let your success speak for itself.

People will always find something bad to talk about you no matter what you do. Please turn off the noise, focus on your goals and grind until you reach them.

You can’t change others. But you can change yourself.
Which will act as a catalyst for change in other people’s lives.

Bees Don’t Waste Their Time Don’t convince people about something. If they have a small mind, they can’t absorb more value. Just leave it to them and move on.

Please don’t waste your time with explanations, and people only hear what they want to hear. A bee’s focus and values are the ones that differentiate it from the fly.

Bees Don’t Waste Their Time Life cycles of the bee colony

Bees Don't Waste Their Time

Bees Don’t  Waste Their Time Animation: Life cycles of a bee colony: brood and brood-free phases

The life of a bee colony is cyclical. In our latitudes, it is closely related to the seasons.

The most important factor is the food supply, the costume. The bee has to act economically. If there are many costumes, the people must take advantage of this. The registered outfit is implemented in honeycomb construction, propagation, and supplies. When there is no weariness, he must reduce his activities to a minimum so as not to waste energy.

The life cycle of the entire bee colony can be divided into periods without foraging and periods with foraging. At the same time, one can differentiate between a brood-free time and a brood-free period.

In addition, there is a cyclical increase in the number of individuals among the people. The colony adjusts the development of the brood following the development of the costume in spring and summer. If a colony with around 15 to 20 thousand workers has overwintered, Bees Don’t Waste Their Time a highly developed settlement can count 50 to 60 thousand bees in June. The queen has to lay a corresponding number of eggs, and the workers create, care for, and cover a corresponding number of blood cells.


Winter dormancy is a critical time for the bee colony. Honey bees do not hibernate, but the settlement reduces their activities. The colder it gets, the more the people pull together. It forms the winter cluster, and the queen sits in its center. Bees Don’t Waste Their Time Through the activity of the flight muscles of all workers, a minimum temperature is maintained in the grape. Even in severe frost, the temperature never falls below +20 ° C.

How can the Bees Don’t Waste Their Time differentiate which flower was visited?

Bees Don't Waste Their Time

When a bumblebee lands on a flower, the negative charge is offset by the positive amount on the bumblebee, and the flower is no longer charged as a result.

After visiting bumblebees, flowers need some time to produce nectar again and also some time to recharge themselves negatively. These two factors run in parallel, so the charge on a flower is a good indicator of the amount of nectar.


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