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The Best 22 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Healthy resolutions can include cutting out several foods from your diet, dramatically restricting calories, and launching an entirely novel exercise routine to lose weight and get in better shape.

We could start with an endless list of healthy resolutions for this new year that awaits us, but we must also be realistic and think, most importantly, to fulfill the 100%.

Healthy Resolutions For the Year -2021

For this reason, we bring you our list of healthy resolutions purposes, which we hope will help you achieve those goals that you have always required to complete:

1. Get More Exercise

  • Who has not made this resolution year after year, but it is more straightforward than it seems.
  • It is often problematic to find the motivation to exercise, but you do not have to go to the gym every day to get in shape. As we have already discussed, we must set realistic goals.
  • And we don’t like going to the gym or going running, why not spend some time in our day to day taking a walk through a city or taking a route through some corner of our surroundings? It only receipts two and a half hours a week to start leading a healthier life!

2. Eat Better

  • Eating a healthy diet does not mean that we have to give up eating what we like the most or that we have to make excessive efforts, nor is it synonymous with eating only green or tasteless food. You can still enjoy some delicious and healthy snacks that Square root has got for you and still stay healthy without worrying about anything.
  • You can also add some foods, such as eating more fruits and vegetables and making some modifications to your diet, such as avoiding fried foods.

3. Sleep More

  • All of us lead a hectic life, wanting to do a thousand things every day when we have limited hours, bearing in mind that we must reconcile work with personal and family life.
  • Therefore, sleeping the hours that correspond to us, between 7 and 9 hours, will help us control stress, be more relaxed from day to day, and be a little happier.

4. To give Ourselves Time

  • We are practically against the tide, which often makes us forget ourselves and the importance of taking care of our health.
  • From time to time, we must take our time, and do we like to recharge and take care of ourselves outside and the inside.
  • Thus, we will manage to stay motivated and take care of our self-esteem.
  • Remember that when you set yourself new challenges related to food / or that transform your metabolism, it is always best to interact with a professional and carry it out in a healthy way.
  • Ultimately, whether you want to lose weight, maintain your diet, or adopt healthier life habits, at Farmacia Tuset, our professional team will be ready to assist you and offer you the advice and care you need.

5. Give up Smoking

  • Despite its known health consequences, smoking is still a problem for at least 1 in 5 people in Spain.
  • If you are one of them, quitting this bad habit is the best thing you can do for your well-being now and in the future.

6. Ditch Junk Food

  • The so-called fast food is the culprit of many current health problems: obesity, cholesterol, hypertension.
  • But did you see that it can also affect our mental health? So now you know junk food, the further the better!

7. Cook More at Home

  • As a complement to the previous proposal, homemade food is always healthier: we control the ingredients better, we make it to our liking, and, not least, it is cheaper.

8. Eat 5 Pieces of Fruit and Vegetables a Day

  • One of the pillars of any healthy diet is to include a sufficient amount of fresh vegetables. For this reason, for years, the health authorities recommend including at least five daily servings of these foods.

9. Drink more Water

  • Up to 36% of people do not drink enough fluids, even though hydration is essential to maintain good physical and mental performance.
  • So, remember, also, in times of less heat, hydrate frequently.

10. Avoid Alcohol

  • Although its consumption is socially accepted, there are no scientific reasons to recommend alcoholic beverages—alcohol link to various health problems: stomach ulcers, liver damage, and even cancer.

11. Take a Walk Every Day

  • If you are not into sports, or some physical condition prevents you, half an hour of walking each day may be enough to obtain most physical exercise benefits.

12. Lose Weight

  • Is your BMI above 25? So it is not a question of aesthetics: being overweight and obese increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among others.

13. Gain Muscle

  • Although it is more associated with aesthetics and strength, maintaining adequate muscle mass is key to health.
  • More and more studies support that this measure is associated with better general health and a greater chance of obtaining good medical treatment results.

14. Comply with Medication

  • Did you know that half of the people with a chronic disease do not adequately comply with the prescribed treatment? Not taking medication is one of the leading causes of hospitalization and lack of control of diseases such as diabetes or COPD.

15. Controlling Stress

  • Stress is directly related to cardiovascular disease and also to mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.
  • Therefore, take care of your life to enjoy better health!

16. Spend More Time Surrounded by Nature

  • A simple walk in the landscape or a short vacation in the mountains can help you rest better, defuse stress, and physically recover.
  • Also, you will take the opportunity to breathe fresh air and sunbathe. They are all health benefits!

17. Spend More Time with Family and Friends

  • Loneliness is related to worse health.
  • Therefore, maintaining an active social life and being with loved ones is a pleasant and straightforward proposal that you can put into practice during 2021.

18. Less Screen Time

  • In addition to affecting eyesight, screens for many hours a day are also associated with difficulties falling asleep, increased stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor posture. Instead, spend part of the day doing social and outdoor activities.

19. Help those who Need it Most

  • Conducting a volunteer is an excellent way to diversify social life, meet new people, and improve self-esteem related to better mental health.

20. Take more Sun

  • Thanks to the sun, our skin produces vitamin D, essential for healthy bones and the immune system.
  • More than 40% of minor Spaniards and more than 80% of those over 65 suffer from this vitamin deficiency.

21. One Medical Check-up a Year

  • Are you one of those who are leaving visits to the doctor for another moment? This 2021, do not leave it for later. With an examination, a few questions, and simple analysis, your doctor will provide you with a health plan suited to your needs.

22. Take Care of your Oral Health

  • Oral diseases exacerbate chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, or diabetes.
  • Fortunately, this can avoid with good dental hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist.


Though most New Year’s healthy resolutions only keep for a short period, the healthy answers listed above are sustainable ways to recover your physical and emotional health that can follow for life.

Creating a healthier relationship with food and captivating better care of your body and mind can drastically advance your health in various ways.

This New Year, try out an uncommon of the resolutions in this article aid this year — and the year’s track — the healthiest and happiest likely.

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