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Best Surrogacy Agency In USA: Why Do Intended Parents Choose This Particular Ddestination?

Surrogacy – To begin with, it is worth understanding that many countries around the world are either more or less friendly to surrogacy. Or those where it is prohibited or partially prohibited. Each country has its own set of laws that regulate this process. However, the United States of America is ahead of the curve.

After all, within the country, each state has its own surrogacy law. And some states are more or less friendly. There are states, such as California, where intended parents have complete carte blanche during the surrogacy journey for all services and are provided with everything they need. And there are also states, such as New York, where some of the services offered by surrogacy can be fined. Therefore, it is essential to understand that when considering surrogacy in the United States, we will discuss completely different conditions, prices, and opportunities, depending on the laws. Choosing the best surrogate agency is primarily a matter of professionalism and good location, as well as your own experience and needs.

It would be best if you also understood that laws are constantly changing and it is quite possible that this article will not be relevant in a few months. There are also factors that most often determine whether a state is favorable to surrogacy, namely

  • Marital status of the intended parent(s)
  • Marital status of the surrogate
  • The sexual orientation of the intended parents

Which states are the most favorable for Surrogacy?

Lawyers who work for surrogacy agencies and know what they are doing strongly advise you to consult with them first before choosing a state where you plan to start the surrogacy process. After all, each story is unique and therefore requires unique solutions. And even the smallest detail in your account can dramatically affect the state where you will be advised to start this most critical process of your life.

Here are some of the most favorable states for surrogacy:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • Oregon

The list of states with the worst conditions for Surrogacy

You should also understand that you don’t have to reject a state if you don’t like it immediately. Or if you hear from your friends that the conditions for surrogacy there are unfavorable. Of course, you should consider the opinions and experiences of people you trust. However, remember that everyone’s perception is different. And also that everyone has a different story. This means that the surrogate agency in that state that left unpleasant memories for your friends or commenters on forums may well be completely different from your own experience. Therefore, you should be guided mainly by the opinion of experts and, of course, your feelings.

Here is a list of states that are incredibly unfriendly to surrogacy. But in a few of them, there are moves to change attitudes for the better.

  • Louisiana
  • New York
  • Michigan

Happy surrogate journey! And make the right choices along the way.