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5 Biking Gears you must invest in 2021

If you ride on a regular basis, you must invest in a variety of cycling accessories that will make your ride more enjoyable, safer, and comfortable. 

While bike accessories improve your riding experience, there are so many alternatives that newcomers to the sport become overwhelmed. To assist you in the vast array of accessories available, we’ve compiled a list of important gear that all road riders should consider acquiring to make riding more accessible, safer, and fun.

Wearing an authorized, a well-fitting helmet might be the difference between surviving or dying in an accident, so don’t underestimate the power of one. 

The LIVALL BH60SE Smart Bluetooth Helmet at Pedl has enough ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable even on the warmest days. While most light road-specific helmets are expensive, this helmet provides a light, weightless presence in an affordable range. 

There are adjustable tension systems and straps. Other features are detachable and washable padding, and signal lights for increased visibility at night. The helmet also carries built-in Bluetooth. 

  • Shoes – Boardman Carbon Cycle Shoes 

Shoes are essential for both comfort and performance. The Boardman Carbon Cycle Shoes accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes and are the perfect fit. 

The full-carbon sole and dual ATOP dials, which are the two primary features, almost never seen on road shoes at this price point.

The shoe allows adequate ventilation for your feet to breathe and stay fresh. Vents are commonly seen at the toe and in the base of the shoe. 

A good front bumper and a changeable heel bumper are include in the sole. The shoe is light, comfortable, and inexpensive.

  • Jersey – Rapha Brevet jersey 

Cycling gear is designe to fit tight to the body. There are many different materials to choose from like polyester and elastane. When it comes to sun protection, seek fabrics with a UV rating of 50 or above.

The Rapha Brevet jersey is made up of polyester and merino wool, and the combination of synthetic and natural fibers guarantees that the jersey feels soft and warm on the skin while staying lightweight and performing well in warmer weather.  

It’s also durable and light-drying, so if you’re caught in the rain, don’t worry! The jersey is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Sunglasses – Agu Bold Sunglasses

Riding sunglasses are usually light, have a variety of replaceable lenses, and a wide field of vision so that they don’t block your view whether you’re riding fast in the drops or sitting up climbing a mountain. 

Agu Bold Sunglasses are a comfortable fit on your head and are usually compatible with any kind of helmet.

The entire frame set somewhat back from the lens, which means it’s well ventilate, and when paired with an anti-fog coating on the lens. 

Wind protection is great, and the lens clarity is good as well.

  • Bottle Cages – Arundel Mandible DTR

For trips under two hours, one bottle cage should be enough; but, for rides longer than that, you’ll need two.

The Arundel Mandible DTR is a decent bottle cage that may help you reduce weight, eliminate unpleasant rattling, and give a solid grip for your bottles on bumpy rides. 

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