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Five Health Benefits You’ll Feel Giving Up The Booze

Stoptober is almost upon us and for many it’s the encouragement they need to give up alcohol. Even if it is only for four short weeks.

But four weeks can turn into five, six, seven and full time in some cases, particularly given the health benefits you’ll start to feel after the month of no booze.

Of course, giving up is a huge challenge in itself, particularly given the rise of alcoholism in the country. But even if you need a helping hand to get off the booze, you will start to feel the benefits.

Primrose Lodge, an alcohol rehab in Surrey, not only state that giving up has its physical health benefits, but also mental too, as well as being able to find joy in other things too, such as hobbies, interests and work.

That’s the case even if you do just take on Stoptober.

Among the main health benefits to giving up alcohol, that you’ll have the pleasure of come the end of Stoptober, include…

Improved vital organs

Regular alcohol consumption can take its toll on vital organs such as the heart, liver and pancreas and over time it can lead to disease and life threatening illnesses.

Giving up alcohol reduces the strain on these organs, allowing them to heal and begin to operate at their optimum once again.

Boost mental wellbeing

We’ve all had the beer fear before and anxieties after a night of drinking. Alcohol is a depressant and as a result can contribute to a number of mental health issues.

Abstaining from the substance will increase mental clarity and allow you to gain control over your mental health. Avoiding alcohol will improve things like sleeping patterns, as well as giving you confidence and increasing self-esteem as you prove to yourself that you can control your alcohol consumption.

Increase your energy levels

With alcohol not only having a negative influence on sleeping patterns, but also harming stamina and leading to fatigue, you’ll feel a much bigger boost of energy by giving up the substance.

What’s more, as alcohol carries a large amount of empty calories, you’ll also lose weight, often inspiring people to take up further physical and social activities.

What’s more, you’ll feel more invigorated in places such as work, therefore it’s not only improving your health, but your career too.

Better digestion

You probably don’t need us to tell you that excessive drinking can lead to bad bowel problems. The morning after a night on the town can tell you that.

However, there are much bigger concerns at bay too. Issues such as gastritis, ulcers and acid reflux can all flare up as a result of alcohol, while drinking also has a tendency of leading to poor dietary decisions, again which can have an impact on digestion.

Removing alcohol will in turn lead to you being more inclined to follow a healthy diet, as well as avoiding digestion problems as a direct result of alcohol.

Improved immune system

Alcohol is really bad for weakening the immune system and regular consumption can have a real impact on your health. It can leave you with severe deficiencies that you need to ensure your immune system is working as it should.

Giving up alcohol, relieves your body of toxins and allows the body to focus on building back up that immune system and fight off infections that you could well be vulnerable to by regularly drinking.


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