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Why You Should Research Where You Have Your Botox And Fillers

In a world where the pressure to have the ‘perfect’ appearance is bigger than ever, the demand for facial fillers and botox is quickly increasing. As with any popular trend, the more demand for a product or service, the more people will begin to supply it. The problem occurs when unlicensed medical physicians start supplying this demand by administering filler and botox injections without having a medical background. In this article we take a deeper look into non-surgical facial rejuvenation and the importance of researching where you have your botox and fillers.

Who can perform botox and dermal filler procedures?

You do not by law need a medical background to administer botox or injectable dermal fillers. The problem with this is that some aestheticians do not have sufficient knowledge and experience working with facial anatomy and handling any contraindications. This is one of the reasons why we suggest that you should do thorough research before booking in with any clinic.

If you want to ensure maximum safety and minimal risks when it comes to getting any non-surgical cosmetic treatment, it’s best to book in with a practitioner who has a medical background and the correct training.

How do I know which clinics employ medical professionals?

Any reputable clinic will only employ medical professionals to administer such treatments. One of the most renowned clinics in England is Dr Hennessy Clinics. Not only do they only employ medical professionals, they also have the Dr Hennessy Academy where they specifically train Dentists, Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists to administer botox and fillers.

What are the benefits of using a medically trained practitioner?

A medically trained practitioner is someone with a medical background who has the training and experience to instantly recognise when a patient is suffering from an allergic or adverse reaction. This makes the treatment much safer for the patient. Ultimately, using a trained practitioner to administer this treatment means that there will be less risks and they will be better able to deal with any complications should they occur. What’s more, an experienced medical practitioner will have a better understanding of facial anatomy and mapping which will help in achieving your desired look.

Although it may be more expensive to have a treatment administered by a medical professional, the benefits make the additional cost worth it.

What are the risks of using an aesthetician with no medical background?

Non-surgical beauty treatments are part of a growing industry with increasing revenues and new professionals training to administer them every year. As with any popular industry, you will find rogue practitioners. Individuals that claim to be experienced “aestheticians” but offer unsafe and unhygienic treatments to clients with non-regulated beauty training. They would usually have received their qualification through a short course with no anatomy or physiological knowledge. Here are some of the main risks associated with using an aesthetician with no medical background or correct training:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Physically damaging side effects
  • Use of non-regulated products

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