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Gold Bracelet Designs that Millianial Women Love to Flaunt

Bracelets have been a part of Indian culture for many centuries. Men and women adorned bangles and bracelets made out of different metals like bronze, silver, shells, and even stones. With the change in times, the gold bangles and bracelets have evolved from just being a piece of jewelry to something that represents a woman’s style and personality. Let’s explore here some gold bracelet trends and designs that millennial women swear by to make them look fashionable.

1. Broad Cuff Bracelets

These are bracelets that are crafted in a semi-closed bangle fashion and can be easily worn because it covers only one-third of your wrist. You can easily adjust the size of these bracelets to hold your wrist in a firm snugged manner. Inspired from the Cleopatra era, cuffed bracelets or kada have been a part of royal riches for many years. Modern women like to club this broad cuff kada along with their indo-western outfits like dhoti pants and crop top to add an element of drama. Unlike other bracelets, cuff bracelets are very chunky and come with fine detailing and intricate design.

2. Chain Bracelets

This is a trendy choice of bracelet that comes in many designs, patterns and looks very contemporary. Different links are connected to weave into a band. This model of the bracelet is very popular among working women because they look classy when worn with western formal outfits. They also make a good pick when you want to keep your look understated for casual outings. Brands like Melorra knows that sustainable fashion is the need of the hour, and you will get here fine jewelry designs that can be worn every single day.

3. Charms Bracelets

Charms bracelet certainly brings out the fun element of the dressing. These are cute, stylish, and something women around the world can’t help but love. The best part about charms bracelets is that you can even personalize the charms to capture some of the important milestones of your life, now isn’t that amazing? From adorable swinging hearts to starry affairs you won’t be short of design inspirations these days.

4. Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets have been in existence since the Mayan civilization, and this model of bracelet fits perfectly with both ethnic and western wear. From linear designs, geometrical shapes, to floral patterns, there is a plethora to choose from to match your everyday wear.

5. Gemstone Bracelets

These are fine bracelets that are studded with precious and semi-precious stones and are a sure way to brighten up any dull outfit. You can choose a delicate diamond and ruby studded sleek bracelet, or you can even go out and bold and get yourself chunky ones that are studded with exquisite turquoise and opal gemstones. If you are looking for something timeless to pair up with your evening gown, then a pearl-studded bracelet is what you should invest in. Pearls have been associated with unprecedented luxury and sophistication and they go well with sarees as well as cocktail gowns.

You will agree with us that nothing can beautify your wrist like a beautifully crafted bracelet. So go ahead and explore the choices online and upgrade your bracelet collection.

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