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Most Commonly Used Breast Lift Techniques

Sagging breasts may be boosted by breast lift surgery, which is also known as mastopexy. Besides repositioning the areolas, this popular operation may also entail nipple and areola reduction.

Breast sagging is one of the most prevalent issues addressed by cosmetic surgeons. Breasts often droop due to a decrease in skin elasticity brought on by such things as aging, pregnancy, and weight changes.

If you just get a breast lift, you will be a little bit smaller since the extra tissue and skin will be removed. Implants or breast fat transfer are occasionally used in conjunction with a breast lift to restore decreased breast volume in patients who want to maintain or enhance their breast size. It may be used with breast reduction surgery for people who want a more compact figure.

Breast Lift Vs. Breast Augmentation:

A breast lift is unique from a breast augmentation in that it does not increase the size of the breasts in any way. Depending on the intended outcome, one or the other of these two methods may be utilized alone or in conjunction with one another. If someone wants to achieve the younger look then a breast lift is recommended in this case(s).

You should begin with breast augmentation. Among all cosmetic surgeries, this is the most prevalent operation. Adding volume is all that is required here. To help ladies who have had a baby or who have lost a little breast volume due to pregnancy or nursing, there are breast implants available .

There is a surgery called a breast lift as well.  Breasts might seem perkier or less saggy after this treatment, which includes moving the nipple around. In other words, the contour of your breasts is more important than their size or volume. You can check the before and after images at your cosmetic surgeon’s office to view the results of prior patients.

Both of these techniques aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and it is worth highlighting this again. If you’re looking for breast lift and fullness, you’re more likely to need both treatments than not.

Combining A Breast Lift With Augmentation:

A patient’s desired outcomes may not be achieved by a breast lift alone in certain instances. Breast implants may help restore shape and volume to breasts that have lost volume due to aging, weight loss, pregnancy, or nursing. 

Breast augmentation with lift may give you the bigger, more raised breasts you’ve always desired in only one treatment and healing time.

Breast Lift Techniques:

Depending on the patient’s existing breast tissue, the quantity of extra skin that has to be removed, and her objectives, many incision methods are employed by cosmetic surgeons during breast lift surgery. The kind of breast lift that yields the best outcomes with the least amount of visible scars will be recommended by your cosmetic surgeon.

The Anchor Incision:

It’s called an anchor incision because it’s made along both sides of the areola and down to the breast crease, then back up the areola and down both sides of the crease.

This procedure leaves the most visible scars and is recommended for ladies who have significant sagging and cannot benefit from less invasive procedures. Large-volume breast reductions are best performed using the anchor incision method, which dates back to the first breast lifts.

With the anchor incision, a shorter scar and less chance of puckering and indentations are achieved with less skin and internal tissue being removed. 

The Lollipop Lift:

As the name suggests, the lollipop lift entails making an incision around and vertically down from the areola to the crease in between the areola and breast. Vertical scar keyhole incision is another name for this surgery.

Women with a modest amount of drooping who are unsatisfied with the results of less invasive procedures or who prefer not to have breast implants placed can consider this procedure. 

The Donut Lift:

Only along the areola’s border is an incision created for the doughnut lift. Periareolar incision or Benelli lift are other names for it.

People with mild to moderate drooping can benefit from this procedure. Women with more severe drooping may be better served by the donut lift when performed by an experienced surgeon in combination with breast implants.

The Crescent Lift:

The fourth form of incision, which is less frequent than the others, has an incision line that runs down the top part of the areola.

With the crescent lift, a crescent-shaped portion of skin is removed above the areola and reattached with tiny sutures at the cut ends. Only those with a small amount of drooping may benefit from this sort of lift, which is often performed in combination with breast augmentation.

It is also possible to fix breast asymmetry with the crescent lift. Results are typically excellent, with 97% of patients satisfied with their breasts’ new look.

The Scarless Lift:

Only a few women are interested in operations to elevate their breasts that promise to be scarless,  such as those who are more concerned about volume loss than true drooping.

These treatments are best suited for women with very minor sagging breasts. Because of this, they won’t be able to achieve the same amount of lifting as bigger incisions would.

Scarless breast lifts have not been studied enough to determine their effectiveness rate. Breast liposuction is the best option for individuals with modest asymmetry. It’s not the best option for those with significant drooping or low skin elasticity.


A breast lift is ideal for those with sagging breasts and desire perkier boobs. There are a number of breast lift techniques, including scarless lift, crescent lift, donut lift, etc., that are available to meet your personal needs. Consult your cosmetic surgeon, to learn more about this life-changing technique.

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