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Understanding Cancer Fatigue and How it Can Be Managed

When it comes to cancer, every individual’s body reacts in different ways. Whether it comes to the medications and treatment process, or, recovering after the illness, cancer can take a heavy toll on even the strongest individuals.

The side effects of cancer treatment can have a wide-ranging impact on one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Not only can it affect that individual who has cancer, but their near and dear ones as well. Patients who have been undergoing treatment for cancer like Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Steroids can weaken a person physically and mentally.

In this article, we discuss the period that is often described during treatment and post it called ‘Cancer Fatigue’. We discuss what it is all about and how you can manage the same.

Understanding Cancer Fatigue: Meaning and Definition

Given the strong nature of cancer medications, the body can become very weak. Cancer survivors have reported the following issues-

  • Feeling tired even after resting sufficiently.
  • Experiencing mood swings and high levels of depression.
  • Not being able to do day-to-day activities.
  • Being sad, vulnerable, and demotivated all the time.
  • Irregular sleeping patterns or suffering from Insomnia.

All these conditions together reflect what Cancer Fatigue is all about. A lot of doctors try to group cancer fatigue in patients on four key levels- no fatigue, mild fatigue, moderate fatigue, and severe fatigue.

As we already mentioned the level of fatigue an individual experiences are different. Some people experience no fatigue, while some experience the harshest levels. It is important to understand that any cancer fatigue should be communicated to your doctor immediately. They can change the medications or put you on a new healthy diet to make you feel better.

You can understand more about Cancer Fatigue by going through this blog post.

List of 5 Major Ways to Manage Cancer Fatigue: By Doctors

Availing Counselling Sessions-

In recent years, a lot of groups and experts have come up that offer counseling therapy to cancer survivors. Many patients feel that what they are going through is something no one else understands. Having someone to talk to who knows what it is all about can help feel better and relieve some mental stress and pressures for cancer patients. This can help relieve fatigue.

Changing your Diet and Nutrition-

There is a major role that food can play when it comes to managing cancer fatigue. Eating healthy food items that are rich in energy-releasing proteins and nutrients might help in making the body feel stronger from inside. Ask your doctor if and when you can gorge on some food items you like. Desserts might help you elevate your mood levels and make you cheerful.

Engaging in Regular Exercises, Yoga, and Meditation-

Your body needs to recover back its original strength. This is why experts recommend starting on a slow but stable exercise regimen. This can be walking, jogging, or anything that is light. Exercising helps in releasing positive hormones in your body and allows you to feel better. Yoga and meditation can help in improving mental peace and giving you inner strength.

Going for Massages and Other Treatments-

Massages are a great way to help a cancer patient relax. It can help in easing tissue and muscle tensions as well as remove pains from different parts of the body. Many cancer survivors have also pointed out the benefits of massages to improve sleep. However, before you decide to go for this, it would be best if you first have a conversation with your doctor.

Being around Family and Friends and Doing Things you Love-

When it comes to cancer fatigue, the worst of it is usually experienced when you are alone. Being distracted helps in a major way. This is why it is best to surround yourself with family and friends and do things that you have always loved to do. The more engaged and distracted you are, the better will it help you relieve the fatigue. Make sure you are not exhausting yourself.

The Bottom Line

By following all the above-mentioned points, you can be in a much better position to manage and control cancer fatigue. While the road to recovery may be long and hard, you need to be physically and mentally strong to deal with it. If you are doing alright, your family members will also take less stress and worries. If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer on [cancer fatigue, let us know in the comments section below.

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