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CBD: Optimal Dosage and Method of Delivery

CBD dosage – CBD is one of the most popular homeopathic medical treatments in the world. Over the last few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has been championed as a safe and fulfilling wellness supplement by its users. But with CBD’s introduction into medical applications, a divide has been established between recreational and medical CBD.

Due to the lack of knowledge around CBD, its effects, and methods of administration, people aren’t privy to the amounts they should be using. This article will briefly review CBD’s safety profile, as well as the optimal dosage and method of delivery one should adhere to for personal use. Understanding these facets of CBD will help you better educate your staff, distributors, and customers—and ultimately improve your business.

CBD Safety Profile

Compared to other drugs and supplements, CBD has proven to be a safe substance to both ingest and administer. In a 2011 study, the side effects of CBD were shown to be minimal even when taken in high doses. The researchers for this study noted that chronic use and high doses (1500 mg of CBD per day) were well tolerated amongst the participants.

Similarly, the World Health Organization’s 2018 Critical Review Report on cannabidiol demonstrated a lack of identifiable psychoactive or cardiovascular effects during use. The report also highlighted that, while studies are limited, “the evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.”

Low potential for abuse is a huge achievement when compared to a pharmaceuticals industry littered with debilitating side effects, the most common of which is addiction. With a low risk of over-consumption, a lack of state-altering effects, and low abuse potential, CBD’s safety profile ranks highly as a wellness and medical supplement. In fact, it is this safety profile, combined with its symptom-suppressing abilities, that makes CBD so enticing as an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

CBD’s introduction to healthcare environments has muddied the already murky water of CBD dosages. In 2018, GW’s Epidiolex marked the FDA’s first approval of a prescription drug with an active cannabis ingredient, CBD. Cannabidiol’s presence in a prescription, seizure-controlling drug may worry consumers about their personal CBD dosages. Fortunately, there are CBD dosage charts that can help.

Optimal CBD Dosage

The most reliable method for determining personal CBD dosage is by the weight of the user. This is common practice when it comes to prescribing amounts of any supplement or drug. One’s body weight can contribute to one’s metabolism as well as one’s tolerance. Daily CBD’s dosage calculator for CBD oil can be a great estimate for the amount of CBD you should be administering with every use. But ultimately, the best CBD dosage depends on the person and the product.

Every CBD oil or consumable has a different intensity and combination of compounds. This can influence the acuteness of the effects on the particular individual. This can play a huge factor in how you market and present your product. Regardless of the strength of your CBD products, it’s best to recommend a dosage that reflects how you intend the product to be used or experienced. Otherwise, consumers may be ingesting too much or too little at a time, and in both cases their experience could be negatively affected.

Preferred Methods of Delivery

There are a variety of methods of delivery. The best CBD delivery method depends on the demographic you are trying to target and the need you are aiming to satisfy. This is because each method provides unique benefits that may be friendlier to certain types of consumers, or more appropriate for certain types of commodities.

Oils and Tinctures

These types of solutions are typically administered via a dropper and are placed under the tongue for quick absorption. If an individual cannot swallow pills or is uncomfortable with capsules, then this is the recommended method.


These will often contain stronger doses. Prescription CBD, like Epidiolex, comes in the form of CBD capsules. This method of delivery should be considered for medical applications.


This is an increasingly popular method of delivery. They are easier to ingest than pills, plus it is in the form of a tasty snack. Monitoring doses can be more difficult if not careful. Packages should reflect this information.


This is a potentially dangerous method of delivery based on the associated risks of vaping in the first place. While the vapors may not initially harm someone, the fumes of melted plastic could pose severe consequences down the road.

The number one priority for your business should always be the health and safety of your customers and employees. By educating your organization on the risks and effects of cannabidiol products, you will be able to improve the B2C and B2B interactions your company facilitates.

Trying to leverage all this knowledge while developing a reliable and scalable supply chain is extremely difficult. In business, like CBD dosages, everything should be optimized. To maximize your revenues, you need to evaluate the benefits and costs of doing business. If building a vertical channel for CBD manufacturing doesn’t net a positive ROI, then you should consider utilizing one that already exists. Remember, you can’t elevate your CBD operations without elevating your product insight and expertise first.


Philipp Fuhrmann is President and CEO of CanX. He has extensive experience in international compliance, international business development, and in navigating legislative frameworks in the Hemp and Marijuana industry. He also has a background in corporate structuring and has raised funds for a variety of projects ranging from technology to medicinal marijuana, hemp and CBD.




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