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Cell Therapy For Hair Loss – Does It Work?

Nobody likes the idea of losing their hair. Most of us primp over our hair, or at least we like to see it brushed, clean, and tidy. 

However, hair loss is surprisingly common. Cancer treatments, alopecia, stress, or even standard pattern baldness can strip us of our beautiful locks. 

What are our options? You might have heard rumors of stem cells being used to treat hair loss. Is this true? Does it work? 


Let’s find out. 

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss isn’t just a problem for men. Women can also suffer this problem, and it’s more stigmatized in women. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, your self-esteem can take a serious dent. Here are a few causes of hair loss, receding hairlines, baldness, and bald spots. 

  • Pattern baldness

Pattern baldness most commonly affects men, but it can also affect women. This is where hair begins to thin out, usually at the top or front of the head. The hairline might start to noticeably recede, or a bald patch may appear at the top of the head. 

  • Cancer treatments

Cancer treatments are well-known for making patients lose their hair, not just on their head, but on the rest of their body and face too. Usually, the lost hair will grow back once the treatment stops, but there is a small chance that the hair loss could become permanent. 

  • Alopecia 

There are many different forms of alopecia, all of which include some sort of spot baldness, where hair is lost due to the immune system attacking hair follicles. Alopecia can cause a sufferer to lose some or all of their hair, and this loss can be permanent. 

  • Trichotillomania 

Trichotillomania, also known as hair twirling, is a compulsive behavior where the sufferer tugs and twirls at their hair, sometimes pulling out hair altogether. The repetitive movement usually causes bald spots on the scalp. 

Cell Therapy Treatments for Hair Loss

Stem cell transplants are designed to transplant healthy cells and tissues into another area of the body. These transplants can come from your own body, from a donor, or can be synthesized in a lab. 

In cases of hair loss, stem cells and hair follicles can be transplanted into the scalp. This can encourage existing cells to start working properly again, refreshing the damaged area and promoting new, healthy cell growth. 

In the case of hair loss, new, healthy cell growth can mean growing hair again. 

Commercial Biologics Manufacturers

To administer this sort of stem cell transplant treatment, you need a professional. Look for a cell and gene therapy contract manufacturing organization, possibly one that also offers cell therapy for cosmetic purposes.

The Bottom Line

Cell therapy and stem cell research are coming on in leaps and bounds. New innovations and new methods mean that serious illnesses can be treated more easily, and it also means that more minor health problems – like hair loss – can also be tackled.

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