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6 Things to keep in mind while choosing an online tailor

Online Tailor

online tailor

When it comes to custom-made clothing, be it your casual shirts, or partywear dresses, tailoring plays a crucial role. Unlike shopping for readymade clothes from malls and stores, custom clothing allows you to pick your designer & tailor. Now, if the output is as desired, congratulations, you made the right choice. If it isn’t, you cannot blame anyone because you chose the person.

Also, there are so many factors that come into play with custom-made clothes like the right fit, prices, sizes, shapes, cuts, and more. This is also because you along with your tailor can have a lot of inputs in each aspect, that will all cumulatively impact your final look.

Now, since you do not excel in this craft, you rely on your tailor for the majority of decisions. So, choosing the right tailor is important.

With everything turning digital these days, tailoring is not far behind either. But unlike offline tailoring, not many people know what to look for in an ideal online tailor.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below, I have rounded up six things you need to keep in mind while looking for an online tailor.

1. Research

The first thing is probably the first step of any viable decision – research. Research about online tailors and research in-depth. These days, there are a lot of tailors on the web but you need to identify the genuine ones.

The key here is, to not completely rely on their website. If they have a website, you must explore it but don’t trust it blindly. They will be presenting only the benefits.

So, instead, dig deeper and read online reviews and comments about them. They never lie and show you the honest picture. For instance, if you are looking for online tailors in Bangalore, Google it and you will get many search results along with ratings and feedback from people who have already availed a particular tailor’s services.

2. Specialty

If you are looking for custom tailors, I am sure you already have a design in mind that you want to get stitched. So, let this design be your guiding light. Look for tailors who specialize in the type of design you want.

How do you do this? Look for the designs of clothes the tailors have already designed. They are sure to upload their best work online to engage leads and prospective clients.

3. Over the phone

During your search for tailors online, you will also find their contact numbers. Before you make a decision, seek a conversation with the tailor over the phone.

Tell them what you actually want, and what you are expecting from them. In return, they can tell you whether they can deliver to your custom needs within your stipulated budget. It will also help you gauge whether the tailor has proper knowledge.

4. Fabric discussion

One of the big reasons why people chose custom-made clothing is because you get the freedom to choose your own dress material.

Even in online tailoring, you can choose the best available fabrics for your custom dress. But again, it’s always wise to discuss with your online tailor whether your desired material is available or not.

5. Scheduling delivery dates

You don’t want to wait forever to wear your dress. In fact, sometimes, you may need your dress in a span of ten days. So, communicate it to your tailor, and ask for the details about the date of delivery.

If your tailor suggests a longer timeline, communicate your expected date of delivery – sometimes, they charge a premium price for urgent deliveries. However, make it clear that early deliveries should not mean compromised quality.

6. Discounts and prices

You might not know, but custom-made clothing, from online tailors, also comes with exciting discounts, offers, and prices. So, make it a point you seek details about offers from your tailor and how you can avail them.

That’s it. This is all you need to know and keep in mind while looking for an online tailor. So, now what’s the wait worth for? Find the best tailor and go get your gorgeous dress stitched! I am sure you are going to rock the look!


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