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What Qualifies as A Controlled Substance? – Controlled Substances

Qualifies Controlled Substances Across the United States

Controlled Substances generally, all states consider controlled substances and illegal drugs in society to possess. And also are drugs that can cause the injury or death of the person who uses them. Most of the laws in the United States come under the jurisdiction of the federal government. However, individual state governments also regulate these substances.

All states agree that if you fix any controlled substances in possession, the court could issue you a fine. The city, state, or federal law enforcement can hold you in prison or jail. Some states have stricter drug laws than other states, and it is up to the state to see how they enforce these laws. However, most states show flexibility in these laws. If there is ever a discrepancy between state and federal drug laws, the federal laws prevail.

What are Controlled Substances?

First, a controlled substance is an illegal drug. Any controlled substance can injure you or cause your death. Controlled substances can impair your health and welfare. Controlled substances are so detrimental to the general public that the federal government felt it important and necessary to work with the authorities in every state to help regulate these substances.

The confusing issue may be that controlled substances are not always illegal or unlawful to possess. There are exceptional circumstances that dictate who orders a controlled substance and for what reason. These circumstances dictate that controlled substances are legal to have and use.

Do you have a legitimate medical diagnosis that warrants the use of a controlled substance?
When your doctor orders you a controlled substance, the order not takes lightly. You and your doctor must fill out forms and submit them before filling out your controlled substance order. The order is only legal for a specific amount of time. You must present a valid ID and sign the order at the pharmacy.

These controlled substances, sold by pharmacies, are meant for legitimate medical diagnosis. The federal government has a list of substance schedules with the various named controlled substances.

Schedules are what medical facilities and doctors use to separate the strength and severity of the substance, as seen in the following levels.

Schedule I Substances

These drugs are known mainly as “street drugs” and are illegal to have, sell, and use. These substances include marijuana, peyote, ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. These drugs are frequently abused by those who use them. The exception is marijuana. Individuals cannot get a doctor’s order to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Schedule II Substances

Doctors cautiously use these drugs, short-term in supervised hospital settings. On occasion, these drugs may be sent home with the patient who has a terminal diagnosis or severe injuries or post-op pain. When not used as directed, these drugs can cause psychological or physical dependence and quickly abuse issues by the user. These substances include,












Schedule III

These substances are less addictive than Schedule I and II. However, these drugs still present a lower risk of dependency at a lower level. They can show a higher psychological dependence. These substances include,

Tylenol with Codeine

Anabolic steroids



Schedule IV

These substances have a lower abuse rate than Schedule III substances but can be addictive.








Schedule V

These medications are any preparations that contain limited amounts of codeine or narcotics, for example.

Codeine cough syrup

Any of the above-listed drugs require a proper doctor’s order. If you are caught with any of these drugs and were prescribes correctly, you are not violating any laws and therefore exempt from further legal ramifications.

If you fix and charge possession of any of these substances, and they were not legal prescribes, you could face serious jail time. Also taking any of these drugs can affect and impair your judgment and senses.

And if someone is injured or you kill some unintentionally while under the influence of any of these substances illegally, you face hefty fines and could be sentenced up to life in prison.

A Call to Action for Help with Charges for Possession of Illegal Substances

If you create in possession of an illegal substance, the complications you face are significant. The Panella Law Firm offers seasoned Drug Possession Attorneys who serve Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to defend your reputation in court. The possible fines and prison time that you possibly face are significant. We work hard to help reduce or dismiss your charges. Illegal drug possession is a serious matter, and we are ready to help you fight a complicated legal battle.

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