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Common Dental Crown Complications (And Their Solutions) 

Dental Crown

Dental Crown – Does your dental crown become loose or got a crack? Is it discomforting you a lot? Then here is a comprehensive guide to some common dental crown problems. You will not only know about your dental complications but also their solutions in cosmetic dentistry.

We understand how it feels when you cannot enjoy the food you love due to tooth crown problems. Either it pops out, or some food is stuck in the crack that does not get out easily. 

The blog will take you to some of the most common dental crown complications that people usually face and how you can treat them. So let’s begin!

Dental Crown Problems

  • Chips or Fractures

Dental crowns are made up of porcelain or metal-infused porcelain. They are not as strong as your tooth’s natural enamel. So, chips or cracks may appear on the crown cap. However, it happens in rare cases when the dental crown is too old. Back in the day, these crowns were not that strong like nowadays. 

Solution to fix chips or fractures 

If you have just a small chip, then there is no problem. Your dentist will put a filling resin, and it will be done. But if the crack or fracture is too large, then replacement is the only option.

  • Loose Crown

It happens if you have a crown for too long. Adhesives used in cosmetic dentistry in the past were not that long-lasting. So by the time it weakens, and your dental crown becomes loose or dislodges. Another case is that if you eat too much sticky food or your tooth is decaying, it pops out.

Solution to fix a badly placed crown

In case, book an appointment with your dentist immediately. He/she will seal the dental cap to your tooth. Also, there will be low chances for bacteria to enter and damage your tooth.

  • Sensitivity and Discomfort

Sensitivity is the most common problem that many patients complain about. In sensitivity, your teeth inside layer, called dentin, are exposed to food. Mostly, this portion does not sustain too hot or cold things. 

When the dentist reshapes the original tooth for crowning, he exposes this dentin. You might feel discomfortable when the dental crown is not installed properly or covering your teeth.

Solution to fix a badly placed crown

Visit your Markham Smile Centre dentist ASAP. He/she will apply a resin or paste that will cover the sensitive area. You may also need to use toothpaste for sensitivity.

  • Nerve Problems

Moving forward from the dentin of the last point, below the second layer, there is a pulp of nerves that is super sensitive. While reshaping, they may reveal and cause severe pain. It primarily happens in the early times of crowning.

Solution to fix a nerve problem after a tooth crown

In this case, there is some extra treatment required. You will need to get an appointment for a root canal. After that, get a new dental crown.

  • Discoloration of Crown

This issue is not something health-related, but it is one of the most irritating cosmetic dentistry problems. For strong structures, people prefer metal-induced porcelain crowns. However, with the passage of time, the outer porcelain cover exposes the inner metal substructure.

Although it has nothing to do with your health, it looks odd. The situation worsens if the dual-colored cap is among the front teeth. A greyish line of metal says peek-a-boo to the second person. 

Solution to discoloration of crown 

Visit your dentist and just smile (with concern). He will replace the crown with another one. This time make sure to match its color with your teeth before the procedure starts. 

  • Implant Failure

People notice this problem after months of implantation. In nature, everything is perfectly in its place without disturbing others. But when there is an artificial touch, complications occur. Now, your original tooth is structured according to your opposite tooth. So it places over the other without any issue.

But the one, dentist make is not always the perfect. Although these dental crowns are made with preciseness, they create some problems in the long run. After months, you will notice that your crown tooth is wearing out the opposite one. The porcelain is not trimmed or sharpened with time.

Solution to fix an implant failure

However, there is nothing to worry about; you can ignore it for a while. But after time, the irritation will increase. To treat this, your dentist will fix the sharp edges, or he/she may reshape it according to your bite.

  • Decay

The worst enemy of dental crown implantation is tooth decay. Decay usually occurs at the joints or when you have cavities. Bacteria settle down and damage the area, and if not properly cared for, it spreads. So, if you encap any tooth and have decaying problems, then protect it as soon as possible. Your dentist here can perfectly do the job for you! 

Solution to fix decay under a tooth crown 

This is the only complication on our list for which you usually do not need to visit your dentist. To cure it, just take extra care of oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, and if possible, floss them. Do not eat sweets too much, and keep your teeth clean.

The cavity will automatically wipe out. Nevertheless, if the decay is severe, or gets inside the crowned tooth, then you must consult a dentist. Otherwise, just take good care of your teeth, and you will not face this issue.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your teeth is essential. Crowning is one of those practices, but it has some complications, too. However, it has served many in cosmetic dentistry, but at the same time, many people fall into the problems more often. You need to look after your teeth, yet if any of the mentioned problems arise, contact your dentist. Follow his/her instructions and make your dental crown last for long.

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