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Guidelines For Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes can be very dangerous to your feet. That’s what makes diabetic foot care so important to those with the disease. Unfortunately, even minor issues can have devastating results. Diabetes can present major complications. You could end up with permanent nerve damage to your feet. As many as half of those with diabetes have some type of nerve damage. This can remove a lot of the sensation and feeling in your feet. It can also limit blood flow to your extremities including your feet. This can make it increasingly difficult for your body to heal even a minor cut. As a result of these issues, you could find yourself not even noticing having an object in your shoe that’s causing you pain. Meaning, you can develop a cut, injury, or blister that can lead to an infection. Each of these things would end up putting you at risk of having to get your foot amputated.

Because of these things, you want to pay close attention to your feet when you suffer from diabetes. Maintaining optimal foot health can be essential to keeping yourself from a devastating complication. Here are some of the top guidelines to follow. 

Inspect Your Feet

One of the more important things you need to be doing if you are a diabetic is to check your feet daily. You need to be looking for any signs of nail issues, cuts, blisters, or anything else. A good way to check the underside of your feet is by using a portable mirror. You can see whether or not you have any hidden cuts that way.

Take Care Of Your Feet

Try to give yourself a footbath. To do so, keep the water warm. Don’t make it too hot. You’ll want to clean your feet every day. Always use lukewarm water when you are cleaning your feet. Try to wash your feet with a soft washcloth. There’s no need to scrub too much. You can blot your feet dry with a soft towel afterward.


You need to moisturize your feet after you bathe them. This can keep the skin from getting too dry. Try not to get moisturizer in between your toes though. You want to use a moisturizer to keep your skin from cracking. Keeping excess moisture away from the webs of your feet can reduce the risk of a fungal infection

Trim Your Nails Carefully

To properly care for your feet, you need to be trimming your toenails carefully. You don’t want to cut your nails at an angle. Try to cut them straight across. From there, you can use a filing tool to round them out. If you have any kind of concerns about your toenails, you can speak with your doctor about it. 

Avoid trying to get rid of calluses and/or corns yourself. Always visit your doctor if you want to get these removed. 

Wear Clean Socks

You should be wearing clean socks every day. It’s a good idea to get specialized diabetic socks. These socks are designed to have more support and more cushioning for the feet. They also don’t have tighter elastic tops. They tend to be made out of moisture-wicking fabric to ensure that you keep your feet completely dry.

Wear Socks For Bed

If you are someone that gets cold feet at night, it’s a good idea to wear socks to warm them up. Do not use a heating pad to warm yourself.

Clear Out Your Shoes

When you are putting your shoes on, try not to do so without care. You want to shake your shoes to get rid of any loose debris before putting them on daily. This can keep you from getting poked by a foreign object in your shoe.

Keep Your Feet Dry

In the winter months, try to wear waterproof boots. Try not to go out in the snow if your feet are going to get wet. If you must, wear warm socks and proper shoes in the winter months, take a look at the great range of shoes at Orthoticshop.

Use Antiperspirant

It’s a good idea to use antiperspirant for your feet if you constantly swear on your feet. This can keep your feet from sitting in an environment that is conducive to fungal and bacterial growth.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

While it may be tempting at times, it’s best to avoid walking barefoot. You don’t want to step on anything that could result in your feet getting cut. As mentioned, even a minor cut or wound could result in major complications.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control

You need to pay close attention to your blood sugar levels at all times. Avoid allowing your blood sugar to spike out of control.

Don’t Smoke

You don’t want to smoke at all if you have diabetes. It’s going to restrict blood flow to your feet which is a major issue because it’s already restricted because of the condition.

Get Professional Exams

You need to go to the foot doctor to get examined regularly. You want to get professional assessments to keep you from having foot complications stemming from your diabetes.

Why Choose A Foot Surgeon?

It’s a good idea to choose professional care when you have diabetes. A foot and ankle surgeon is an expert in foot care. They are doctors of podiatric medicine. Because of this, they are going to be best suited to handle any foot issues you may be having. They are board-certified surgery specialists. They have the most education and training on foot surgery and care.

A foot doctor can treat every condition related to your foot or ankle. This includes patients that suffer from diabetes. They have training in performing a wide range of surgeries including those that stem from diabetic complications.

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