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Top 5 Most Common Emergency Room Injuries

Many occurrences can lead to visiting an emergency room. From chest and abdominal pain to injuries you may sustain from an accident. You can sustain an accidental injury outside or inside your home. The most common accident-related injuries originate from sports, motor vehicle accidents, and falls.

Whenever an injury occurs, you should be able to determine how soon to seek medical attention and how serious it is. Some require you to call a healthcare provider, while others need you to get to an emergency room as soon as possible. It helps to know the difference and know an ER you can rush to.

Here are five common injuries that demand a quick trip to the hospital emergency room near me

1.  Internal And External Bleeding

Not all incidents that cause bleeding require emergency treatment; you can treat some by conducting first aid at home. Wounds and cuts may cause minor external bleeding, but severe injuries may cause severe internal bleeding.

Here’s when to visit a hospital emergency room near me:

  • The bleeding persists even after first aid
  • There’s a visible object in the wound
  • The wound appears very deep
  • When bone or tissue is visible.
  • A large amount of blood is lost
  • The injured person appears unwell, pale, dizzy, or unconscious.

2.  Sprains and Broken Bones

Sprains and bones are common injuries that can happen to anyone regardless of their condition or age. They can result from accidents or twisting a part of your body during physical activities. Not every sprain will require emergency room treatment.

Broken bones demand a visit to the emergency room near me immediately, especially when the injury poses a risk to your other organs. Check for swelling, discoloration, or a visible bone to determine the injury’s urgency.

3.  Sudden Stroke Attack

A stroke is a non-traumatic brain injury and is a life-threatening medical condition. A stroke is caused by a cut-off of blood supply to the brain. The cut-off can be caused by bleeding or a blood clot in the brain.

Time is crucial for someone having a stroke, and rushing to a hospital emergency room reduces the likelihood of sustaining lasting damage.

4.  Burns On Skin

A burn is a common injury in the ER. Minor burns that have not caused the skin to break or blister may not require urgent medical attention. Severe burns can, however, leave permanent scars and lead to life-threatening infections.

When you sustain a burn on your face, a joint, hands, or feet is over three inches, seek medical attention. When a chemical or electric shock causes a burn, smells bad, or part of the skin is burnt away, visiting the hospital emergency room near me as soon as possible is crucial.

5.  Concussion Brain Injury

A concussion is a type of traumatic bone injury affecting brain function. Concussions result from violently shaking the body or head or receiving a blow to the head. The concussion may cause loss of consciousness or temporary cognitive symptoms.

Some common symptoms include lack of coordination, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, excessive fatigue, sleepiness, or a headache. While the effects are usually temporary, visiting an emergency room is essential to confirm no further damage was caused.

Don’t Hesitate To Visit A Hospital Emergency Room Near Me

Accidents cause many common injuries. No matter how much caution and care we take, accidents are inevitable. Knowing an emergency room service near you is vital in case of any unfortunate circumstance. While many injuries are minor, the chance of permanent damage or recovery depends on how fast you can get quality emergency treatment.

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