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Eye Make-Up Write for Us – The color and shape of the eyes define a look! From bulging eyes to deep-set eyes, upturned, close-set, hooded eyes. it’s a great adventure to identify how many different eye shapes exist, but above all, which one we and our friends belong to.

This definition can help us understand a lot and improve our style, accentuating expressive sides of us that we would like to make unforgettable on our faces, and want to write exciting articles.

What is it for Eye Make-Up?

Makeup enhances the look, based on the eyes’ color and shape, to highlight the strengths and correct minor imperfections. Eye makeup is divided into various cosmetics (eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, kohl, etc.), which become precision tools capable of creating defined shades and graphics to modulate the intensity of the gaze. When buying a new eyeshadow or other eye makeup product, ensure it is ophthalmologically tested.

The Best Makeup for Round Eyes

How to recognize a pair of round eyes? From the symmetry between length and height, which results are virtually identical. To balance the round shape, the right makeup is concentrated in the outer corner, creating shades that optically lengthen the gaze. The best colors for this type of eye makeup are neutral, used on the inside of the eye, and blended with more decisive shades towards the outside.

Shapes Eye Makeup What to do if They are Sunken?

Just look at the sockets to find a pair of sunken eyes: these types of watches are positioned deeper, giving the illusion that the eyebrows are protruding. Precisely for this reason, the right way to enhance them is to combine light eyeshadows on the upper eyelid and illuminate the eyebrow arches with a neutral highlighter. The mascara will give the final touch, which will have to open up the eyes.


Eye Makeup: What is Mascara for?

Mascara is the ideal cosmetic to increase the intensity of the look. Its function is to define the length, volume, and color of the eyelashes, enhancing the contour of the eye.

How you choose to Mascara

Orienting yourself in the choice of mascara is not easy, given the numerous proposals available on the market. The product is available in lengthening, volumizing, false eyelash effects, colored, and natural effects versions.

How to Identify the Shape of the Eyes?

Determining your eye shape is very simple. Here are some examples to help you observe yourself and better understand your gaze!

Look at the Eyelids

By looking at your eyelids, you can already partially determine the shape of your eye. If the upper eyelid of the eyes is not visible in the mirror, then one eyelid eyes can define (typical of oriental eyes).

The Position Relative to the Orbits

The difference between protruding eyes and sunken or hollow eyes gives another immediately visible trick.

Look at the Ends

Continuing with the different forms of eyes, it is possible to determine another distinction between upturned and downturned eyes.

Eyes and Face

As anticipated, it is also interesting to evaluate one’s eye shape based on the position of the same with the rest of the face.

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