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Fall Skin Care Tips: How to Extend Your Summer Glow

Fall Skin Care Tips – While we pack up everything we’ve used through the summer, you might want to leave out your summer skincare products. Moving from warm sunny weather to a chilly season can surely make your overall look seem dull, but you still have the chance to maintain that summer glow if you want to.

These days, we see many people considering non-invasive methods such as those done by Tampa rhinoplasty experts to enhance their appearance. So, how much more work is needed to maintain that glow? It shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s discuss the things to do to keep and extend that glow:

1.  Exfoliate Your Skin

Most of us have come from our summer holidays; therefore, our skin may have undergone tanning from the sun exposure. Exfoliating products will help your skin get rid of the dead skin cells, which prevent your skin from absorbing the skincare products. However, you’re only limited to using exfoliating products once a week. You’re advised to always exfoliate your skin before using other products such as moisturizer or exfoliating agents.

2.  Moisturize Your Skin

Most people believe that the best time to moisturize is during the warmer seasons. However, the reverse is true. Your skin needs to be moisturized more in cold weather since your skin is more susceptible to dehydration which leads to dryness, stiffness, and cracking, thus increasing exposure to infections and outbreaks. Applying the right moisturizer should ensure that your skin is well-nourished and protected from dryness. If you happen to have some coconut-based products in your home, then these would work just perfectly.

Alternatively, the most common natural method of moisturizing is by hydrating. Water is essentially needed by your body to perform most of its internal functions effectively. Therefore, don’t be the culprit of dehydration because these effects will automatically reflect on your skin. It will be almost impossible not to maintain that glowing skin with constant hydration.

3.  Apply Self-Tanning Products

There have been many debates surrounding self-tanning products. However, this stigmatization must come to an end. These dermatology-approved products are the perfect alternative to sunbathing, and they prevent you from exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Frequent exposure to these UV rays will only leave your skin looking dry and lose the radiance you need.

They are packed as creams, lotions, and sprays. However, your body can only absorb the amount it needs all at once. Therefore, it would be ideal to apply it after every five days just before your sleeping time. That way, you also shield yourself from the unwanted smell that comes with the products. You will be amazed at the glow you will wake up to the following day.

4.  Avoid Junk Foods and Sugary Drinks

Just like in weight, the foods you eat will automatically reflect on your skin. In this cold season, it’s easy to eat junk foods since some are mostly indoors and physically inactive. Junk foods are generally bad for your skin because they raise the blood sugar levels in your body and, in the process, may lead to pimples.

More consumption of harmful foods may make your skin dry, and they prompt the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil, which leads to acne. Therefore, try as much as possible to eat more skin-friendly foods like butternut squash, soybeans, and natural fruit juices like cucumber juice, gooseberry juice, amongst others, to maintain that radiant look.

5.  Avoid Long Hot Showers

The usual thing to do during the cold season is to shift to treating yourself to a long hot shower to chase away the cold. However, doing this from time to time strips off the natural oils on your pores and moisture, leading to several skin conditions. So, if you must use hot water, always use lukewarm water on your skin for not more than 10 minutes per day. It will also help if you have a dedicated face towel different from the rest of the body towel. Doing this prevents transferring bacteria and viruses from the other areas of your body to your face, further damaging your complexion.

6.  Exercise

Exercise has a way of giving the human body the general glow that it needs. Despite how difficult it is, it provides the body with the natural and toned look that it needs. You can easily take advantage of this season due to the chilly weather to do more outdoor exercises as you breathe in some fresh air. Furthermore, doing more exercise prompts you to take more water which is vital in flushing out those toxins and rehydrating your skin.

Skincare is not complicated, and it certainly is the best thing you can do for yourself and your body. In essence, taking care of your skin also takes care of your physical looks and your general well-being, and therefore, it’s worth it by all means.

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