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5 Most Recommended Spring Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

garden – If you are an expert gardener, you are lucky to have a broad knowledge and skills on the proper cultivation of flowers. You undoubtedly know flowers in season and their unique growing care. But if you belong to the newbie enthusiasts, you still have the advantage because you are already starting to learn and have the future mastery of gardening skills.

Gardening skills, like any other skills, are developed over time. You have to work on it, practice, apply and even fail to get you there. So what are those skills that you need? There are several of them, but what matters most are the basic ones. It would help if you learned the basics of soil analysis, plant propagation, care and maintenance, weather requirement, and plant selection.

Spring is the best time for flowers to bloom because it has the best temperature needed for most flower varieties. Spring flowers love the more prolonged sunlight exposure. These flowers grow faster when they get warmer. With that said, here are some of the best flowers to grow in your garden this spring.


For a full display of blossom for this flower, tulips need bright and direct sunlight of at least six hours. The wide varieties of these flowers make it an excellent addition to your garden. They have so many colors that make very captivating scattered rainbow-like colors in your garden.

Tulips are easy to grow, but they don’t grow well in shady areas. They also don’t like a wet environment. Beware of planting tulip bulbs in wet soil. Soil that tends to hold up a lot of water and moisture can cause tulip bulbs to rot.

Soil preparation is essential when growing tulips because they need good drainage to grow and bloom. Like traditional flowers, tulips are perennial species, but others treat them like annual flowers wherein they re-plant again in fall.


Like Tulips, dianthus is another traditional choice. Dianthus is a perennial plant that grows in late spring up to early autumn. The flower has a spicy-sweet fragrance that resembles cinnamon and cloves. The plant has about 300 species, primarily seen in Asia and Europe, with a few indigenous varieties found in North Africa.

Dianthus’ flowers mostly have five petals with a zigzag edge that come in four patterns: the eyes, which have different colors in the center, the bi-colors, solid colors, and the picotee. This flower design has a solid center color with another color on edge. Most color combinations of dianthus picotee patterns contrast red, white, crimson, pink, yellow, and violet.

Dianthus are propagated either through their seeds or from their cuttings. Seeds are directly sprinkled into the soil with a loamy mix in a container or directly into the garden plot. Spray with a small amount of water and cover the container with cloth or a plastic bag to keep the soil moist. When sprout has already 2-3 leaves, you can transfer it individually to a pot. Move the plant outdoors when it has already grown 4-5 inches high.


Hyacinths are indigenous to the Mediterranean region and native to Africa. Hyacinth is a richly colored spring-blooming bulb with an incredible fragrance. Its bulbs are inedible and contain oxalic acid; it is poisonous and can cause skin irritation.

To get full-bloom beautiful flowers in mid-spring, you need to plant hyacinth in fall. Hyacinths come in multiple colors such as pink, lavender, purple, white, cream, cobalt blue, and wine red. Most of the Hyacinth varieties have six narrow leaves from their bulb. Simultaneously, the flowers come out in clusters with small leaflike structures in each flower stalk.


Rhododendron grows best in sunny areas. The flower symbolizes beauty, love, optimism, and cheerfulness. This flower is always present in bouquets because it brings beauty and positive energy. While red rhododendrons represent passion and sensuality, the yellow one is used in funeral wreaths because it is associated with mourning and death. It is not a negative association, though, because it serves as a positive memory of the deceased person.

Unlike most plants, rhododendrons do not like direct sunlight. Most people plant these flowering plants in shady areas. A variety of this plant known as the Dwarf Alpine, can tolerate sunny areas more, provided that the soil it’s planted on doesn’t dry out quickly.


Forsythias are among the earliest blooms of spring. The bright yellow bush of Forsythia easily attracts butterflies, birds, and bees. Its long branches can become a wild look, but good pruning makes it well-trimmed and attractive. The flower is easily adapted to most soil types, although it prefers well-draining and loose soil.


Gardeners worked their way to grow beautiful flowers in their garden. While there are countless varieties to grow, some are just as easy growing and as attractive as others. Most attractive flowers commonly bloom in spring. The list above will significantly guide you on what flowers you would have to grow. Each of them has its charm, and they add beauty to the surroundings in spring.

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