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5 Signs You Should Get Your Hearing Tested

Having good hearing is a luxury that some people just don’t enjoy. For many people, hearing can begin to fade away as they age. However, it’s not only seniors that experience a loss or hearing impairment. It can be challenging for many people to identify that they have a problem if the decrease has been a slow process.

Without the help of your audiologist, you may not be able to recognize that you have a decrease in your hearing. You may only start to notice the signs of hearing loss once they have developed into a more serious problem. A visit to your ear doctor or the Helix Hearing Care Clinic can help you determine your treatment options. Let’s take a closer look at a few signs you may need to get your hearing tested.

Struggling to Understand Speech

We all need to ask someone to repeat themselves. However, if you ask people this question regularly, especially if you ask the same question to more than one person, it could be a sign that you are suffering from hearing loss. In addition, it is also a sign when people are talking in a noisy environment, and you struggle to understand what they are saying.

Turning Up the Volume

The easiest way to spot this is to actively check if you’ve started turning up the television, radio, or other audio devices. This may be caused by the lower output of the station carrying the broadcast if it’s just an occasional occurrence. However, you may have a problem with your ears if you notice that you are frequently required to listen to louder volumes daily.

Missed Alarms

The inability to hear certain pitches and tones can also signify a hearing loss. It is common for phone calls to go unanswered, visitors to arrive at home, or car alarms to go off. Hearing loss is likely to cause all those problems if they become frequent problems. As with other symptoms, it may take some time and repeated incidences to recognize a problematic pattern.

Repositioning to Hear Better

Hearing loss may affect one ear when you need to reposition yourself to hear things. For example, you may find that you are leaning forward towards someone who is speaking, or having to turn your head to pick up the source of sound more clearly. Likewise, when a person cups around an ear, it can be perceived as a way of drowning out background noise. If the situation continues to deteriorate, there is a good chance that this will no longer be effective at the time.

Long Conversations Are Frustrating

When there is a lot of strain on the ears during conversations, many sufferers are unaware that they must give extra effort to hear the speaker. This may involve lip reading, moving closer, or trying to ignore the background noise. In these cases, it can quickly become frustrating and exhausting to hold long conversations.

When you are experiencing hearing loss, there is no need to be afraid of seeking treatment. An audiologist can perform a hearing test as quickly and painlessly as possible for patients with hearing impairments.

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