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Green Juice – Definition, Benefits, Uses, Advantages, and More

Green Juice Definition

Green juice has become famous for its properties and benefits to health, from improving the immune system and intestinal transit to losing and cleaning the body.

It is necessary to choose two vegetables and green leaves as a base, such as celery, spinach, parsley, nopal, cucumber, lettuce, chard, and kale. You should also add fruit to sweeten it.

It can be grapefruit, pineapple, green apple, or orange. There are even those who make it with coconut water.

What are the Benefits of Green Juice?

green juice

According to many nutritionists, consuming green drinks complements the daily diet and contributes to its slimness. However, there are many properties of green juice that you may not be aware of, and below I list 9 of the most outstanding:

1. Powerful Antioxidants

Green juices stimulate the regeneration of cells in the body, thanks to their generous contributions of antioxidants.

2. Toxins from the Body

This type of drink helps eliminate toxins from the body as it cleanses the blood and eliminates dead cells, thanks to the mixture of plants that promote these functions.

3. Energy for Longer

Thanks to complex carbohydrates, the body absorbs sugar more slowly, and consequently, the body’s energy lasts longer.

4. Strengthen your Immune System

If you add fruits such as strawberry, orange, guava, apricot, orange, or grapes, your green drink substantially improves your immune system. It recommends consuming this type of juice, one or a maximum of two times a week.

5. By Colonizing the PH of your Blood

These juices improve the alkalization of the PH of the blood. It all depends on the proper combination of ingredients (vegetables and fruits).

6. Digest Food Easily

It favours the purification of the body and helps your digestive system work properly.

7. Nourish your Body

Vitamins such as C, E, carotenoids, or flavonoids are present in vegetables with which the green juice prepare. It also provides minerals and enzymes that keep the body healthy.

8. Effective Hydration

Green drinks provide a lot of water that the body needs to be healthy but still, remember that water has no substitutes.

9. Ingest Chlorophyll, Therapeutic for the Body

This pigment protects your body because it improves your immune system, controls inflammation, increases red blood cells’ production, detoxifies the body, and reduces cholesterol, among other benefits.

What are the Uses of Green Juice?

These drinks are characterized mainly by their high content of antioxidants, nutrients, slimming and detoxifying properties. However, green juice properties do much more for you than you think, as long as they consume in moderation. This super drink also uses to:

  • Oxygenate the body.
  • Activate blood circulation.
  • Destroy pathogenic bacteria such as fungi.
  • Fight cancer cells.
  • Provide natural energy to the body.
  • Improve digestion due to its high requirement of fibre.
  • Alkalize the blood.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve the appearance of the complexion and skin.
  • Develop concentration and memory.
  • Provide abundant amounts of antioxidants.
  • Control your appetite.
  • Improve liver functions.
  • Purify the body, eliminating toxins.
  • Reduce fluid retention.
  • Contribute to weight loss. Because it improves blood circulation and purifies the body, nourishes, hydrate, and feed it.

What are the Advantages of Green Juice?

These healthy food mixes have the following advantages:

1. Accelerate Metabolism

  • This green drink provides fibre and antioxidants that stimulate metabolism, helping weight loss due to its ingredients.
  • It is vital that you also take care of your diet regularly and exercise to see better results.

2. Diuretic Effect

  • Green juices eliminate substances and toxins that your body does not need.
  • Taking them daily, you will discard the retained liquids. You will love them! The results.

3. Prevent Acne

  • Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? Just add organic foods like spinach and dark green vegetables to your green juice.
  • And also, its high content of vitamin A will help you heal wounds and collagen production that gradually eliminates acne.
  • We recommend taking it daily, but avoid doing it on an empty stomach if you added citrus.

4. Strengthens the Immune System

  • Green smoothies will be your allies, as they provide vitamins C, A, and K, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.
  • They also contain antioxidants to stop the action of free radicals.
  • All of this helps you protect cells against bacteria and environmental damage.

5. Alkalize your Body

  • Not only will they help you improve your immune system, but it will also regulate the pH of your blood, reducing the risk of common heart diseases, and improving your health.

Disadvantages of Green Juice

The benefits of drinking green juice are beautiful for a healthy lifestyle; however, they also have some  disadvantages :

1. Excess Fiber

  • You must be careful with high fibre ingredients, and the time you consume them, it can cause flatulence, bloating, and another stomach discomfort.

2. Vitamin K, Potassium, and Iron

  • Vitamins and minerals’ high content can cause problems and contraindicate for people who take anticoagulants, are prone to generating stones, or suffer from kidney failure.

3. Calories

  • To obtain all its advantages and avoid excesses, it is better that you vary the types of juices.
  • Also, the fact that they are natural does not mean that they do not increase your calories.
  • Remember that fruits like apple and pear have a lot of sugar, so if your goal is to lose weight, this may not be your best option.

4. Take Care of your Stomach

  • Taking these vegetarian recipes on an empty stomach can cause intestinal and stomach problems such as irritation, heaviness, and gastritis.
  • Therefore, you must eat something light beforehand as protection and avoid consuming them for long.
  • Those prepared with citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange, and pineapple should be taken for two weeks and rest for another two.
  • This way, you will get all the benefits without damaging your organs.

Green Juice Recipes

green juice

There are many recipes for making detox drinks, and they all vary from fruits and vegetables. However, there is something invariable: the formula, the essential elements that guarantee an original green glass.

If you wonder what is in green juice, I suggest you check the ingredients below:

1. A liquid Foundation

  • Prepare a liquid base with a mild and semi-sweet flavour, thus reducing dark leafy vegetables’ intensity. Cucumber and coconut water are ideal for this purpose.

2. Low Sugar Fruits

  • The ideal fruit for these juices is the green apple because it contains little sugar and beautiful nutrients.
  • However, red apples, pears, grapefruits, oranges, kiwi, pomegranate, or any other seasonal fruit have different beneficial qualities for individual specific needs.

3. Dark Leafy Vegetables

  • The dark green leaves of vegetables contain a lot of nutrients and contribute to the body’s detoxification.

4. Some Citrus Fruit

  • Finally, it substantially improves the juice’s flavour if you add a citrus fruit when serving it.
  • The favourite is freshly squeezed lemon (half a lemon per glass), but it also does lime, orange, or grapefruit.
  • If the low-sugar fruit you used was grapefruit, orange, kiwi, or pomegranate, you could skip the use of citrus when serving. And also, you’ll love it!

5. Some Spice

  • Some spices have specific ideal attributes for these juices. For example, cinnamon and ginger that control sugar in the body.
  • Whether you are a beginner to green juice, I recommend using a little more fruit, so you will feel a sweeter taste until you adapt to taste.
  • Then, little by little, you decrease the portion until you follow the standard recipe. And also, you will love the flavour, and your body will thank you.

Whether you desire to know how to make green juice in more detail, I recommend that you review these recipes that I show you below:

  • Spinach detox juice
  • Green Broccoli and Cucumber Smoothie
  • Spinach, celery, and apple juice
  • And also, Green apple smoothie with kiwi.
  • Green detox juice – Lettuce and chayote
  • Cucumber, celery, and green apple smoothie
  • Green cucumber juice
  • Celery and cucumber juice
  • Celery juice
  • And also, Pineapple diuretic juice.

Tip: The green juice is taken immediately after finishing its preparation. Only then can you take advantage of all its benefits.

Green Juice for Weight Loss

weight loss

If you are about to start a slimming diet, someone has already mentioned the benefits of consuming detox drinks to you. But why do most green drinks lose weight? For four key reasons responsible for triggering other beneficial processes for weight loss. These key points are what influence green juice to lose weight :

1. They Purify the Organism

  • They produce a diuretic action and improve intestinal transit.
  • As a result, the body stays clean and does not retain fluids, which favours weight loss.

2. They Nourish the Body

  • In any good slimming diet, staying nourished in the meantime is an essential part of the job.
  • And also, nothing achieves if you lose weight without health.

3. They Hydrate the Body

  • Another essential rule during a slimming diet is hydration, which influences proper cleansing and maintenance of the body.

4. They Produce Satiety

  • It reduces the need to consume unhealthy foods or not indicated in the diet by producing a feeling of fullness and satisfaction thanks to the fibres of vegetables and fruits.
  • Why do they produce satiety? And also, due to the large number of fluids and nutrients they have.


Green juice extract from green vegetables like kale, spinach, and celery. Some green juices may also include fruit.

This beverage is a high source of numerous nutrients and plant compounds that support heart health, digestion, and immunity.

Still, it lacks fibre and may contribute to low blood sugar control or kidney issues if consumed in excess. Whether you drink green juice, be sure to moderate your intake and include it as part of a balanced diet.

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