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How Hair Dye affects Lice

Hair Dye – does hair dye kill lice, but the effects of hair dye can be quite effective in preventing lice infestations. Lice, which can be found on both humans and animals, require blood as nutrition. Applying [hair dye] to the roots of human hair strands seals them off from access to this vital source of nutrition and turns it poisonous to the lice. [Hair dye] does not only deny lice access to nourishment, but also helps remove some eggs that might be attached to the scalp’s surface. While [hair dye] does not completely eradicate an existing lice infestation, it does make it harder for a re-infestation to occur.

How to use Hair Dye to kill Lice

[Hair dye] is a quick, easy, and effective tool to eliminate lice infestations. To use [hair dye] to kill lice, first shampoo hair with the [hair dye] already in it. Leave the dye on hair for at least 15 minutes, then rinse off completely with hot water. This should kill most of the lice and their eggs, though it is important to comb hair afterwards with a special lice comb to be sure that all live lice are eliminated. Repeat every four days for two weeks and all of the lice as well as their eggs should be eliminated for good.

Safety and Precautions of using Hair Dye

When it comes to hair coloring and dying, safety is always of the utmost importance. It is wise to exercise caution when deciding to dye or bleach your hair as chemicals are used in these treatments which can potentially damage scalp and hair health. Before committing to a color change, it is important to consult a professional stylist for advice. Additionally, does lice like dyed hair does not spread more easily? The answer is no – lice actually does not differentiate between different hues; anyone can be affected, with any kind of hair color. Safety precautions such us wearing protective clothing and using non irritating cleansing products should always still be taken when using any kind of [hair dye].

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