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Fact vs. Myth: Knowing More about Hair Growth Conditioners

Word of mouth can be both beneficial and dangerous, especially for health, beauty, and wellness. Some people don’t use hair conditioners just because other people think conditioners aren’t advantageous to hair. If you’re one of those people, you may need to change your perspective and overhaul your hair care regimen. Hair growth conditioners exist for various reasons, and people should also learn to verify the information first before believing in hair growth myths.

Check out the following facts you should know and the myths you should debunk about hair conditioners for a well-improved hair care routine.

Differentiating Fact from Myth: What You Need to Know About Hair Conditioners

Are you ready to unlearn and relearn new information about hair growth products? Here are some common myths and helpful facts that every woman should know.

Fact #1: Applying a hair conditioner makes your hair soft.

Have you ever wondered why your hair feels soft after applying your favorite hair conditioners? Here’s the answer: hair conditioners are made to make your hair feel soft and smooth. Each hair strand is surrounded by cuticles, which can get damaged due to physical factors. Shampoos can also contribute to your hair’s coarse texture. But with your hair conditioner’s humectants and proteins, these hair cuticles are smoothened, sealed, and lubricated, conditioning your hair to feel smooth and become flexible.

Myth #1: Hair conditioners make your hair oily.

When your hair and scalp are dry, your sebaceous glands are signaled to produce more sebum for ample lubrication. In this case, hair conditioners help retain moisture to prevent your glands from overproducing natural oils, hence, prevent greasiness. However, too much of everything can bring harm. Applying too much hair conditioner without rinsing it can weigh your locks down and make them extra greasy. Therefore, it would be better to slather a substantial amount and leave it on your hair for a few minutes before washing your hair thoroughly with water.

Fact #2: You should wash your hair with a conditioner regularly.

Yes, it is essential to moisturize your locks with your hair conditioner to prevent dryness, brittleness, and breakage. If you have healthy or dry hair, washing it with a rinse-out hair conditioner should be done every day. However, those with greasy problems can minimize their conditioner application to prevent aggravating their oily hair issue.

Myth #2: You can grow your hair healthily without using a conditioner.

Unfortunately, your hair care regimen needs a boost from hair conditioners. You can gain big and significant changes in hair growth because of conditioning products. There are some Best Hair shampoos with moisturizing ingredients, but they won’t be enough to fix those damaged cuticles and lock in moisture for extra pliability and smoothness. If you leave your hair dry, sparse, or tangled, your hair will become more susceptible to breakage and hair loss. Shampoos are also primarily made to get rid of sebum and gunk, and these products might disappoint you when it comes to hair conditioning. Hence, it would be best to use shampoo to remove dirt and oil while applying a conditioner to hydrate and soften your hair strands.

Hair Conditioners Are as Important as Shampoo Products.

Hair conditioners are as essential as shampoos in every haircare arsenal. You need both products to keep your pate clean and grow high-quality hair strands. Without conditioners, your hair may be at risk of becoming dry and frizzy, leading to coarse, brittle, and sparse hair strands. Hence, never ignore the significant change conditioners can bring to your hair and only choose the products with the most moisturizing and safest ingredients for your growing tresses.


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