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Healthcare Job Market: A Day in the Life of a General Practitioner

Healthcare Job Market – Perhaps you’re just exiting medical school and you’re intending on one day opening your own clinic and relaxing into your career as a general practitioner. Or maybe you’ve been working as a medical doctor for a while and you’re ready to go into general practice.

Either way, you might be surprised to learn that life as a general practitioner doesn’t fall under a universal description. In fact, your daily routine can vary tremendously depending on where you choose to work, and in what capacity you perform your role.

Today, general practitioners are busier than ever before. And this largely has to do with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic since March of 2020. But the demand for general practice doctors was high even before COVID-19 came around.

If you’re wondering what a day in the life of a general practice doctor is like, the following will provide you with a little insight.

Where Do General Practitioners Work?

If you’re wondering where a general practice doctor can work, the answer is in many places. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find general practice doctors in hospitals, private clinics, Urgent Care facilities, and among larger healthcare clinics.

A general practice doctor’s education and training make them a universal tool when it comes to seeking medical care, and this is why they’re able to operate in a multitude of settings.

Most general practice doctors operate on a self-employed basis. That is, they usually own private practices and employ a small staff of nurses. General practice doctors can also work in corporate environments such as a medical facility within a large institution or business.

Perhaps most people associate general practitioners with family healthcare. These are the physicians that you see to receive your regular checkups, physicals, and the like. You can also refer the following unique mean for more help.

Private Practice

In the private sector, the general practitioner job forecast is projected to be over 12 percent for the next several years. And though COVID-19 might have something to do with this number, the need for general practice doctors in the private sector remains constant.

But private practice is where you’ll find most general practice doctors operating today. This is typically a family health clinic where a patient will go to get diagnosed.

But a general practitioner’s primary role is not to provide on the spot treatment. Instead, the role of a general practice doctor is to ensure that his or her patients stay in good health. And if there is a medical issue that arises, he or she can provide a treatment plan, or refer the patient to a specialist within a certain field.

For example, if a patient goes to his or her general practice doctor and has respiratory complications, he or she will likely refer the patient to a respiratory specialist, or an ear, nose and throat practitioner.

Healthcare Facilities

Life for a general practice doctor within a healthcare facility isn’t usually as relaxing of an environment as it is at a private practice clinic.

For example, most general practitioners who operate a private practice keep normal business hours Monday through Friday, often from 9-5. But this might not be the case in a larger healthcare facility.

Those who work in larger healthcare facilities have to abide by company regulations and operating hours. So a general proactive doctor might be given a specific shift if the facility is open for 24 hours.

Additionally, general practice doctors who aren’t in private practice don’t have to market themselves to the public in order to gain patients, so a standard salary is usually the case for those general practice doctors who opt to work in larger healthcare environments.

Overall, the job security you’ll have as a general practitioner is pretty solid. Though those who choose to go into private practice need to develop a rolodex of patients and market their practice in order to stay in operation, general practitioners as a whole enjoy an above average salary with consistent projected job growth.

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