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How To Stay Fit When You Can’t Hit The Gym

Most of you have this goal of wanting to stay fit or achieve your ideal weight. However, this goal may seem unreachable for others due to several reasons. For some, you may be too busy with work, school, and other responsibilities that you can’t have the luxury to set aside time to hit the gym. For others, going to the gym can be quite costly. Hiring personal trainers or even regular gym memberships is often expensive for their back accounts and free time.

Fortunately, wanting to stay fit doesn’t have to be done in a gym. Numerous ways can help you achieve your fitness goals that don’t involve going to the gym. As long as you set aside a few of your minutes and you have a comfortable space for doing workouts, then you’re good to go.

To get started, read on these tips to stay fit even when you can’t hit the gym.

Establish An At-Home Workout Routine

Some people favor going to the gym because it helps them create a structured workout routine. If you have a personal trainer, then your trainer will help you create a specific workout plan that would suit your fitness needs best. Meanwhile, if you opt to work out from home, you may be prone to distractions and temptations, which could ruin your exercise and consistency.

To avoid these distractions, it’s recommended that you schedule a particular time for your daily workout and make sure it’s the best free time where you can fully commit. Moreover, establish your workout routine by subscribing to online workout plans, such as 28 At Home, YouTube fitness videos, and other workout applications, which will help you focus and track the workout exercises you need to complete. Most importantly, commit to sticking with this workout routine a few days a week until it becomes a healthy habit.

Take The Stairs

When your apartment in apartments for rent in Memphis is on the highest floor of the building, it may be understandable for you to take the elevator.However, choosing to take the stairs can actually make a big difference in your physical health. Climbing stairs regularly can burn calories as much as jogging can do. If you’re living in your own house with its own indoor stairs, take advantage of it by going up and down the stairs as part of your at-home exercises.

Go For A Walk As Often As You Can

Perhaps, the most underrated form of exercise is walking. Many people have almost forgotten about this exercise due to the convenience brought by vehicles, cars, trains, or bicycles. Some of you may think that you got no time to go for a walk, but the truth is that you can incorporate walking exercises into any activity you do.

For instance, if you want to grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you can walk it out if you can manage the distance. When going for groceries, opt to park your car on the furthest lot so you’ll have time to walk the rest of the distance going to the store. If you have a lunch break from your office, use this time to take your packed lunch with you, and then walk to the nearest park and eat your lunch out there with your friends.

Overall, you can involve walking in any activity you do. Walking may seem like a low-impact exercise, but it can do much in helping you stay fit and burn off a few calories. It can also be a fun group activity as you can invite your friends or your children with you to go for a walk.

Treat Housework As Exercise


Do you constantly find yourself doing more household chores?  Worry not as housework can also be your physical exercise. Doing a general home cleaning encourages your body to keep moving. For instance, when washing the dishes, move your hips and feet more than standing still. When decluttering your bedroom, lifting heavy objects and furniture can already be your exercise, too. The point is that as long as you keep moving, then you’re doing well for your physical health.

Fine Tune Your Diet

Aside from sticking to your at-home workout routine, it’s also essential that you’re mindful of what you eat or drink. Your diet also brings a significant impact on your fitness goals. Thus, as much as possible, limit yourself from eating junk foods, canned goods, and other fast foods rich in preservatives, artificial flavorings, and other substances.

Switch to healthier food options, such as fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and other home-cooked meals. Don’t forget to watch over your liquid intake and minimize drinking soda and alcohol, and, instead, focus more on water and fresh fruit juices or smoothies. All these small changes can add up to significant results for your health and fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

Many people will tell you that you need to hit the gym to stay fit, but know that it isn’t true. While frequent gym visits can help you get leaner and build more muscles, it’s unnecessary to help you become fitter and healthier in general.

The only important factors you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals are time, dedication, consistency, and your body’s participation. Take note of these tips and be creative in finding tools you can use to exercise. Most importantly, be consistent as you start making lifestyle changes today, which will surely pay off in the near future.


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