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What Is A Contribution Margin For A Business IE Hospital

IE Hospital – Anyone who has a business wants to see its profit. Many leaders in varied industries will look at the “profit margin” to determine success. This number equates to the total sales revenue above that of costs.

However, if you want to know the contribution a specific unit (or patient in a hospital) makes towards the profit, then you would need to pay attention to the “contribution margin.”

In order to calculate this figure, a leader would need to take the revenue the company makes and minus out all variable costs. In that logic, a hospital contribution margin would measure the revenue earned from every individual patient and then exclude the hospital variables like charity for uninsureds, capital investment depreciation, and overhead from administrative costs. At this stage in healthcare and all industries, for that matter, businesses are changing their practices in an effort to ensure added revenue while still providing the optimum in care and satisfaction and cutting down on variable costs.

IE Hospital tend to have a high level of spending, forcing them to look at ways to reduce their expenditures. Let’s look at some ways that hospitals might improve their contribution margins.

Contribution Margin For A Business IE Hospital

The contribution margin is challenging to understand and a bit complex. The figure remains after a hospital, or other business pulls out their variable expenses.

The money will be used to help cover fixed expenses. When looking at patients, it’s the amount every patient has remaining after their variables have been covered.

The suggestion is the closer a contribution margin equates to 100%, the better. With a high ratio, more money is available for the business to cover any overhead or fixed expenses.

A leader can also use this ratio to determine business profitability or to measure the level of profitability of a specific line of products. When assessing the ratio for a certain level of a patient, you can figure out if it’s reasonable to continue with that specialty or diagnosis.

If the margin is meager, the profit is likely insufficient to continue with that specific patient demographic. The overall ratio can be positively impacted by eliminating those that make the contribution margin increasingly lower.

Learn what can make the margin fluctuate in business at

Improving The Margin

In order to make improvements to a business or hospital’s contribution margin, the variable costs need to be decreased, or you would need to increase the price for a patient’s visit or goods and services. When a ratio is meager, the more difficult it is for that company to cover its overhead expenses.

By decreasing such costs, perhaps renting a more budget-friendly space, downsizing to essential staff, among other cost-saving techniques, can vastly improve the financial circumstances for anyone in an industry of any sort.

How can you improve contribution margins for businesses? Let’s see if we can attempt to explain.

●    Improve follow-up appointments or sales

IE Hospital – A ratio will improve with existing customers because the variables will be reduced in attempts to get them to return since they generally have already made that decision after the first visit.

That doesn’t mean you ignore these return clients. You should improve care and satisfaction techniques, and either use a direct email system for select individuals or allow a sign-on for a subscription with the business.

In that same vein, show the clientele portfolios with more goods or services so they can see they have more options than they might have otherwise anticipated. This will encourage more spending with your company, thereby improving the margin.

IE Hospital

●    Raise the gross margin

Interestingly, a target demographic is of the mindset that a product or service holds a greater value when it’s priced higher and has the potential for generating more significant unit sales because these items are viewed as a premium choice. Even if a lesser number sells, there is more revenue generated with the higher price point.

Final Thought

There are numerous ways to drive up the contribution margin. Still, the process takes considerable time, patience, and careful research to ensure all the numbers work together as they need to so that your revenue remains intact to cover fixed costs, plus you remain profitable, and the variable expenses reduce.

In a hospital setting, you can consider charging patients more for their initial visit and subsequent follow-ups, but then you need to give them something in return for the added expense.

That would come in either improved treatment, better customer satisfaction, or more products and services. Still, it’s a fine line because if you spend more on “variable” expenses, you take away revenue and then run the risk of not being able to cover overhead.

The way to handle that is to cut corners in other areas where it won’t be missed. Again either downsize to essential staff, look at a more cost-effective space for the office, and assess all the equipment to see if it’s being used to its fullest extent. Perhaps, some pieces could be put to pasture, possibly saving you on some monthly expenses.

While the concept is complex and can be confusing to laypeople like me, the bare bones are pretty straightforward. It just takes a bit of research and analyzing your practice. Look here for guidelines of precisely what the contribution margin is and why it’s vital.

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