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Is CoolTone Better Than Surgery? Yes! Find Out Why Here!

CoolTone – There are many fat removal and body toning procedures for your to explore. Some are non-invasive, while others require you to go through surgery for positive results. If you have considered having a firm and toned body, you have probably thought about the surgery, which looks like the easy way out.

However, there are better non-invasive options such as CoolTone that leave your body well-toned with minimal complications. Surgery comes with many risks and complications that you also want to consider before making the final decision. Below we look at key reasons why CoolTone is a better option than surgery.

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How CoolTone Works

CoolTone is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that can take as little as 30 minutes to treat a specific area.  The technology is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for firming, toning, and strengthening the buttocks, abdomen, thigh muscles.

CoolTone is non-invasive, and this means there are no needles or surgery required. The procedure does not have downtime; hence, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities. It uses magnetic muscle simulation, otherwise known as MMS technology, to target the muscles by penetrating through skin and fat. The technology induces thousands of rapid high-intensity muscle contractions, and these involuntary artificial contraction tones the targeted muscles leaving you with a firmer, tighter physique.

CoolTone is recommended for people with a near-perfect physique with a small amount of fat to lose. It is mostly used to define the abdominal muscles. However, it has also been effectively used to firm the buttocks and thighs.

After consistent workouts in the gym, there’s always a stubborn layer of fat that refuses to go away. CoolTone is recommended as a remedy for such stubborn fat and undefined muscles. It also works best for those who have been in the gym for a while and have not seen any significant results despite being consistent.

CoolTone is also a great alternative for clients who have tried sit-ups and planks but still do not have that toned six-pack. This is a perfect non-surgical body contouring option that you can pair with your other gym activities for that perfect look.

How Surgery Works

Surgery involves invasive procedures aimed at removing fat or improving an individual’s overall appearance. This involves altering the human body through surgical apparatus such as needles, cannula, among others

Surgery is appropriate where a client has lost significant weight and is struggling with excess or loose skin. In this case, a tummy tuck is a better solution since parts of the excess, and loose skin must be removed. If there’s stubborn fat after exercise without the problem of excess skin, liposuction is a better surgical alternative instead of a tummy tuck.

Surgery requires preparation, unlike CoolTone, where you walk in and leave within a short time. After booking an appointment, you may have to go through a medical history with your physician, reduce medications, or even stop treatments you are currently undergoing to avoid contraindications. In some instances, you will be required to do lab tests and medical evaluations to avoid the risks associated with surgery. You may also be required to stop smoking and drinking before the procedure. CooolTone does not come with these conditions and restrictions.

CoolTone Versus Surgery

CoolTone is a non-invasive procedure that takes a few minutes before you resume your daily routine. You do not need rest, post-operation instructions, and it comes with no known risks. On the other hand, surgery is invasive and comes with many side effects and risks.

Risks and complications: some of the complications include hematoma, organ damage, implant failure, scarring, infection, and sepsis, a life-threatening condition. There are also risks related to anesthesia, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary and cardiac complications, fat necrosis, and numbness. You may also need revision surgery, suffer skin loss and excess fluid accumulation. Other serious complications associated with surgery include deep vein thrombosis and bleeding.

Psychological disorders: researchers have linked surgeries to conditions such as body dysmorphic disorder, which is a psychological disorder associated with plastic surgery obsession.

Anesthesia: With CoolTone, you do not need any anesthesia. However, most surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. This makes it difficult to resume your normal routine since you need rest due to the anesthesia effects.

Healing: surgery requires rest for the wounds to heal. This is also very key to avoiding infections. Some people underestimate the effects of wound infection though in extreme cases, the infection develops into sepsis which poisons the blood at times, leading to death. CoolTone does not require any healing time or extreme care on the wounds since no incisions are made on the skin.

Monitoring:  Surgery requires close monitoring until you are discharged from the facility. This means you need someone to take you home. Walking and standing may be a challenge at first, in addition to the after-effects of general anesthesia. It also comes with detailed post-operative instructions, which must be followed to the letter, and you may also be required to wear compression garments on the operated areas.

Rest: with some surgeries such as a tummy tuck, you are recommended to rest and not lift heavy objects. You need to have a post-operative appointment with the physicians so they can advise on when to resume normal activity. Generally, resumption of daily activities takes around two weeks after such surgeries.

Better Combination

Do not go for surgery if you have been considering a better combination for CoolTone. Instead, opt for CoolSculpting. Cool Sculpting freezes and kills fat cells while CoolTone firms the underlying muscle fibers. This combination gives you a slimmer look and muscle definition with no incisions.

If your concern is not stubborn fat or loose skin, CoolTone is one of the best procedures to tone your body. You may be tempted to go for surgical procedures such as liposuction to deal with stubborn fat that won’t go away even after many weeks of several planks and crunches. However, remember, unlike surgery, CoolTone is not invasive but it still tightens, firms and tones your muscles.

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