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Is It Safe To Consume Ecdysterone On An Empty Stomach?

Ecdysterone has become popular in the fitness world nowadays. It is also called 20-hydroxyecdysone. It attracts the lifters and boosts their performance. If prescribed this supplement, you might wonder whether you can take it on an empty stomach. Here we will discuss whether or not ecdysterone is safe to consume on an empty stomach and how to use it.

What Is Ecdysterone?

It is an ecdysteroid found naturally in some insects and plants, such as quinoa and spinach. This supplement has various names, such as spinach extract, beta ecdysone, alfa-ecdysone, and 20-hydroxy-ecdysone. Technically it is called a phytoecdysteroid. Even though it is a steroid, it does not act like synthetic anabolic steroids.

20-hydroxyecdysone or ecdysterone has a chemical structure similar to that of testosterone, which is a male androgen. Due to this, the supplement may come with some hormone effects.

Is It Safe To Consume Ecdysterone On An Empty Stomach?

When taking ecdysterone, it is important to have food to protect the stomach lining from unwanted side effects. Without food, it might lead to stomach pain and ulcer. Some people may feel discomfort in the stomach as well, as it might cause gastrointestinal problems. So, make sure that when you are under prescription, you avoid the supplements as there may be a chance of interaction with the drug.

As it belongs to the ecdysteroids, it tends to interfere with the certain nutrients absorbed into and utilized by your system. Therefore, take your dose with food. Some nutrients like calcium, sodium, proteins, and vitamins C and D are essential for the body’s normal function.

It would help if you took the proper dosage to experience better results, which are as follows:

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Ways To Use Ecdysterone

This substance can get maximum results if you properly use it. Unlike other supplements, proper planning has to be done to follow the cycle to get maximum impact. Consider two important things while using ecdysterone such as dosage and cycle length.

Dosage Guide While Consuming It

If you want to get the expected result, following the dosage guideline correctly is necessary. Experienced bodybuilders may be consuming 500 mg to 1000 mg per day. But every individual reacts differently to the dosage. Some may be more sensitive to ecdysone than others. Hence, taking a small dosage of 250 mg is advisable to see the result.

You can then increase the dosage to around 500 mg for the remaining cycle to get the expected result. There is no need to go beyond 500 mg per day. But some experienced lifters and bodybuilders head beyond this level after completing a few ecdysterone cycles. So, after reaching the dosage of 1000 mg, you need not increase the dose.

The dosage will be more potent at this point, and adding more is unnecessary.

Best time to take your daily dose – Professional lifters divide their doses of supplements, such as creatine, in two. But in the case of ecdysterone, it is not necessary. You may take the entire daily amount in the morning with your first meal.

The Cycle Length

After knowing the dose, you need to follow the cycle length. Running the supplements for at least eight to twelve weeks is recommended. But it is not suggested for cycles to sort as eight weeks. Cycles should be followed for 12 weeks. The products will kick in with one process but it is recommended to stick to a three-month cycle for maximum results.

After completing 12 weeks, you must take a two-week break before starting the second cycle. Some may choose to take a four-week break, but two might work better.

Considering the dose and cycle length, you can select the best time to start your first cycle.

How Does It Work?

It enhances nitrogen retention and increases protein synthesis at the cellular level when increasing strength and endurance. Increased nitrogen retention and resistance training tend to accelerate muscle growth, and this supplement might just work.

Can You Stack Ecdysterone?

When talking about supplements, all the lifters might ask if you can stack them. You can stack them for ecdysterone, which may improve the results. Here are some of the effective stacks you can try:

Ecdysterone And Creatine

Creatine is a biomolecule important for the sportsperson in the market. It improves lean muscle mass and strength. When added to creatine, ecdysterone enhances muscle protein synthesis and growth. Myostatin, a muscle wasting protein production is reduced, and it promotes skeletal muscle growth.

Ecdysterone and Protein Powder

Protein powder is an ideal one to incorporate with your supplement. It increases the daily intake of protein, and hence, the building blocks of muscles.

Ecdysterone Safety and Side Effects

People may think that the substance found to be more potent will have adverse effects and may be hazardous in some way or another. But this is not true with these supplements. Other synthetic steroids may interact with the testosterone level of our body. But there is no need to worry about air loss or undesired effects with these supplements.

You won’t even require post-cycle therapy (PCT), as it does not have an androgenic or estrogenic effect, which may imbalance your hormone level. The toxicity levels are low, and it is therefore said to be safe to consume.

Ecdysterone Safety And Side Effects


Ecdysterone should never be taken on an empty stomach. It is best to take it with food to absorb its active ingredients. Remember to speak to your doctor before taking this supplement. Make sure to buy products of only high quality from a reliable vendor, as an intake of ecdysterone with proper nutrition and a good training regime may keep your health at a good pace.

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