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Jackie Shroff Net Worth

Introduction: Jackie Shroff Net Worth

Jackie Shroff Net Worth: Jackie Shroff is an Indian actor with $ 26 million. Shroff was born in Mumbai, India, on February 1, 1960, and has appeared in more than 151 films. His birth name is Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff, and he is best accepted by Gujarati and Bollywood cinema. Her stage name “Jackie” was given to her after her role in Hero.

Jackie Saroff is an Indian Hindi film actor. His full name is Jai Kishan Kakubai, “Jackie Shroff”. Born February 1, 1957. Jackie Shroff has appeared in 220 films in different languages. She is a retro Bollywood star. It also has 4 Filmfare Awards. He is one of the best actors in Bollywood, Jackie Shroff’s Net worth is 30 million dollars. Also named in the Celebrity 100 list. Jackie Shroff is also known as “Dada Jackie” by her co-stars or crew members.

Jackie Shroff Net Worth has been married to longtime girlfriend Ayesha Dutt, since 1987. She is now a film producer helping manage the couple’s media identity, Jackie Shroff Entertainment. Shroff made his film debut in 1983 for the film Swami Dada. He was selected to star in Hero later that year. He received the Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1990, the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award in 1995 and 1996, and the Special Jury Award in 2007 for outstanding contributions to Indian cinema. Jackie Shroff Net Worth has two sons named Tiger and Krishna and owned 10 percent of Sony TV shares until 2012 when they decided to sell their shares.

Jackie Shroff Net Worth Early Life

Name: Jackie Shroff

Profession: Actor, Film Producer, and Model

Born: February 1, 1957 (age 64 Years)

Net Worth In 2021: $30 Million

Net Worth In Rupees: 220 Crore INR

Yearly Income: 25Crore +

Jackie Shroff was an actor or model by profession. He was born in Bombay. His natural name was Jai Kishan Kakubai, his father is a Gujarati, his name was Kakubai Haribhai Shroff, and his mother is a Turkmen from Kazakhstan. In his childhood, he called Jackie, so later in his son, he called Jackie. The filmmakers liked the name too and released it as Jackie Shroff Net Worth. in The Movie Hero.

Jackie Shroff had a friend named Ayesha Dutta. After a long relationship, he marries Ayesha Dutta. She later became a film producer. Jackie Shroff has two children, a daughter and a son, Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff. and Jackie Shroff is also a member of the International Film and Television Club.

Jackie Shroff Net Worth Career

Jackie Shroff Net Worth

And Also, Jackie Shroff only completed her school education up to level 11, after which she dropped out due to her financial situation and did not have as much money to continue her studies. He chose to work, so he started as a chef or cooked at the Taj Hotel, but he rejected his low grades. During his fight time, he was allowed to participate in a photoshoot in a dress shirt. It will start his career as a model. Later, in 1982, Jackie Shroff made his first debut as a movie hero. Jackie Shroff Net Worth lives in a luxurious house on the Rupees 22Crore coast with his family in Mumbai. Jackie also invested in real estate, apartments, and real estate. He also has private villas in Mumbai and many properties throughout India.

Jackie Shroff Net Worth Top Movies

Jackie Shroff Net Worth

Shroff dropped out of school after eleventh grade because his family didn’t have much money. He tried his luck as an apprentice chef at Taj Hotels and as a flight attendant at Air India but  turned away at both locations due to insufficient qualifications. He then started working as a travel agent for a local company called “Trade Wings” near the Jehangir Art Gallery. An accountant from an advertising agency saw him at the bus stop and asked if he would like to model.

The next day, Shroff went to the advertising agency (national advertising agency) for the lunchtime photoshoot, which is in the same building as Davar University near the Flora Fountain. This photoshoot for a dress shirt got Shroff on his way as a model. In 1982 Shroff made his acting debut in Dev Anand’s film Swami Dada. In 1983, Subhash Ghai cast him in the lead role in the film Hero, paired with Meenakshi Seshadri.

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