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Keep your brain healthy with gaming

Contrary to popular belief, many recent studies have found that video and online games can have a positive impact on the mental health of gamers and on their overall well-being. Nowadays, there are many ways to play: board games, sports betting, video games and even online casinos, like betway download . All of these gambling options can have a marked positive impact on the mental health of those who engage in them.

Social and anti-stress benefits

Two years ago,uring the worlwide sanitary crises, games were a way to stay connected with loved ones and establish virtual social connections, but it was also a fantastic way to relax and distract in an especially difficult context, as evidenced by the boom in the online gambling sector, particularly online casinos, since the beginning of 2020.

In a study conducted by the Xbox Research Accessibility Community Feedback programme, 84% of players confirmed that gambling had a positive impact on relieving stress for 82.9% of them. 71.7% of respondents also reported feeling less lonely and had incorporated gaming into their daily routine.

The beneficial effects playing on the brain

In a recent study, psychologists identified thirteen positive impacts of play on our brain development. Playing is believed to help to:

  • Develop our ability to cooperate
  • Shaping language in young children
  • Facilitate problem solving
  • Develop counterfactual thinking
  • Help with self-control
  • Facilitating neurogenesis (the formation of new neurons)
  • Developing social skills
  • Develop a range of expression in young children
  • Reduce anxiety and distress
  • Helping with conflict management
  • Developing mathematical thinking
  • Promoting attention
  • Induce a sense of calm

Of course the benefits to the brain vary depending on the type of game: a cooperative video game such as Call of Duty or a board game will help improve social skills while card games, such as poker which is a popular casino game, will target anticipation, mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

A beneficial pastime

Online games, including casino games, can be a fantastic way to relax, and who knows, create a few new brain cells in the process, while earning some money.

Played in moderation, they can have a positive impact on mood, reducing stress and anxiety. So don’t feel guilty the next time you enjoy a game of online poker, roulette or mobile games! Make sure you don’t over-play video games at online casinos games otherwise the benefits to your well-being and your brain can be negated. A balanced life of leisure, work and physical activity is important to a healthy lifestyle.


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