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The Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – There are several solutions for body hair removal. Some offer longer-lasting results, whereas others don’t. Some are also painful, while others aren’t. There are also those that are more complicated and expensive compared to other options. But what are these solutions for hair removal?Laser Hair Removal

Common Hair Removal Options

One hair removal method people are commonly using is shaving. Compared to other solutions, this process is much cheaper and easier. However, the results might only last for a few days.

Waxing, on the other hand, could help remove hair from the roots. In this method, the hair won’t grow back for a longer time. But the procedure is quite painful. And you might experience itching and have unpleasant bumps on your skin once your hair starts to grow back.

Another alternative is prescription creams, applied to prevent hair development. However, the results may last for only a few months. And the procedure might cause side effects, such as acne, follicle disruption, and burning.

Electrolysis is another method considered by some individuals. Here, a specialist inserts fine needles into every hair follicle. After that, electric current is released, destroying a patient’s hair growth cells. That being so, this procedure takes much time and might also be painful.

Another option that’s quite popular today is laser hair removal. In this procedure, a laser releases heat that destroys the hair follicles. This way, the growth of new strands is either hindered or delayed. However, for accurate results, multiple sessions are needed to ensure all follicles are destroyed. If you’re keen on learning more about the hair removal procedure, it pays to know its pros and cons.

Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

People may prefer laser hair removal as it’s thought to be painless and removes the hassle of shaving often. Also, the results are more long-lasting, and hair doesn’t grow back for a longer time. This might not be the case with waxing and using razors.

However, for accurate results, the procedure must be done by a professional. If you’re considering this, contact reputable facilities, such as BellaMedSpa or other well-established clinics near you. To identify a good specialist, ask the beautician or plastic surgeon about their experience, knowledge, and expertise in laser hair removal. If their answers are satisfactory, it’s safe to proceed with the procedure. However, if you’re not comfortable with your findings, ask for a friend’s referral or look for professionals with excellent customer reviews online.

Laser hair removal has been around for years, but people took a while to embrace it. Today, however, it has found global use. And it’s possible for people to get this procedure in a local spa or dermatological clinic. Some of the benefits people get from laser hair removal are as follows.

It’s Less Painful

Laser hair removal isn’t completely painless. However, it’s considered more tolerable than waxing and electrolysis. Often, specialists would apply numbing solutions on a patient’s body to lessen the pain or any feeling of discomfort. Alternatively, some experts would use ice before and after the procedure. With this, a patient may only experience a bit of pain earlier in the procedure. Nonetheless, as the treatment continues and hair becomes finer, the process becomes less painful.

The Sessions Are Quick

Laser hair removal sessions are often quicker compared to waxing, shaving, and other methods. The machine used might only take a few minutes to treat a large area with hair. And usually, small regions, like the lower lip, might only take a few seconds. However, body parts with more hair, like the back, arms, or legs, might take less than an hour.

It’s Effective In Reducing Hair Growth

Even though laser hair removal might not eliminate unwanted hair forever, it could significantly reduce hair development. As a result, patients who attend all sessions may not need further treatment, shaving, or waxing for a long time. Also, even if the hair grows back, it might be finer and lighter in density and color. Thus, they’d be easier to remove with a few laser hair removal sessions.

Waxing seems to have been considered more effective than shaving. For this reason, it has been used globally for several years now. However, laser hair removal appears to have become more popular today. And it seems to be slowly replacing waxing for the reasons mentioned above. Besides that, it also has other advantages over some advanced techniques, such as electrolysis.

If you’re looking to use laser hair removal, these are the advantages that might encourage you to go for this method. However, it might also be worthwhile to know its cons before you finally decide.

Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal might have several advantages. However, like other processes, it also has some disadvantages. Some of these are listed and explained below.

It Takes Multiple Sessions

For accurate results, patients might be required to visit their surgeon, dermatologist, or beautician six to ten times. Doing so ensures all hair follicles are destroyed and any strands trapped under the skin are effectively removed. After that, follow-up treatments are also necessary. Even though all these sessions are often quick, this lengthy process could be tedious for some.

It’s Costly

Laser hair removal is thought to be more expensive than shaving and waxing. Because the process has to be done in several sessions, you may have to pay a certain amount per visit. Moreover, the machines used in this type of procedure are costly. Add to that the other business expenses dermatological clinics and medical spas pay to keep their operations running.

It Requires An Expert

Creams, wax, and razors don’t require experts. You can easily use them for hair removal without needing help. On the contrary, lasers need a trained specialist. If done by a nonprofessional, it could cause skin scars or blistering, redness, and swelling.

Thus, it’s advisable to be careful with who does the procedure on you to avoid such consequences. Know how many years they’ve been in operation and ask how many patients they’ve treated. Professionals with more experience and those who’ve successfully done this procedure on many patients are more advised.

Closing Thoughts

Laser hair removal has become popular today because of the advantages of this procedure. It’s known to be less painful and more effective in hair reduction than other options. Besides that, its sessions are also much quicker than those of other procedures. Despite these, laser hair removal also has its disadvantages. It requires a trained professional, may be costly, and takes longer to be completed for accurate results. So if you’d like to consider the hair removal method, evaluate all its merits and demerits first. That way, you’d be able to make a more informed decision.

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