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Luvme Hair Body Wave Wigs vs. Other Textures: Choosing the Right Fit for You

Body wave wigs are a popular hairstyle among women in different parts of the world. This is because of their natural look and feel. Not only are these wigs a fashionable hairstyle, but they also add glamor to the wearer. They are a confident hairstyle cherished for their versatility. In this article, you will learn the major differences between a body wave wig and other types of wigs. You will also learn how to make the right selection of body wave wigs from other wig textures in the market.

Table of Content

  • What are Body Wave Wigs?
  • Differences Between Water Wave and Body Wave Wigs
  • Differences Between Wet & Wavy Wigs and Body Wave Wigs
  • Differences Between Deep Wave and Body Wave Wigs
  • Where to Buy Quality Body Wave Wigs
  • Conclusion

What are Body Wave Wigs?

What are Body Wave Wigs_

Body wave wigs have become quite popular among many wig owners in recent times. They have a close similarity with other types of wig textures. However, they have a natural curly wave that resembles an S-shaped. The S-shaped waves occur throughout the body wave wig, making it appear fuller and more lustrous. One major reason why body wave wigs are sought after by many wig wearers is because of its versatility. The wig can be styled in a variety of waves to suit any occasion.

Differences Between Water Wave and Body Wave Wigs

Differences Between Water Wave and Body Wave Wigs

Both water wave wigs and body wave wigs appear similar, making the selection process between the two a bit tricky. They are both beautiful wigs, but there are still some differences between the two wig textures. Here are some of their distinct features:

The pattern of the waves

The body wave wigs come with a distinct S shape that flows throughout the whole hair from top to bottom. These types of waves allow the hair to appear smooth with a voluminous look.

Water wave wigs also have a voluminous look, but their curls are irregular. Just like how water flows in different directions, so also are the curls or waves of this type of wig. These wigs are curlier than the body wave wigs.


Body wave wigs have denser volume than other hair textures. These wig styles are perfect for any occasion and add that perfect touch of elegance to the wearer’s appearance.

Water wave wigs also have a fuller volume and are perfect for a relaxed appearance. They also appear smooth and natural.


Water wave wigs are easy to style and simple to wear. They have a more defined pattern of waves similar to water ripples.

On the other hand, body wave wigs. You can also straighten them to give another look or appeal to suit your style. To get more tight curls for body wave wigs, you may need to apply more pressure and styling tools.


Water wave wigs are curlier, and the curls hold tighter than other textures. If you prefer to wear a curly hairstyle, water waves are perfect for you.

The curls of body wave wigs are loose, and their curls may straighten out over time. This wig is better for those who prefer to wear their wigs in different textures.


When it comes to choosing a more versatile wig, body wave wigs take the lead. These types of wigs can be styled in any way you can imagine. They can also be straightened to remove the curls and appear more appealing.

On the other hand, water waves are not so versatile. They come with tighter curls, and extra style tools are required to straighten them out. That is why wigs are preferred by those who love curls rather than straight hair.

Bouncy feel

Body wave wigs are bouncier in appearance than water wave wigs. The distinct shape of the body wave wigs is the real reason for this bouncy look. They are smooth and sleek. Water wave wigs are not as bouncy as body waves. However, they also have a unique appeal, which makes them more endearing to lovers of curly hair.

Choosing between a body wave or water wave wig is dependent on your style and need. If you prefer a classier look and appeal, you cannot go wrong with a body wave wig. However, if you prefer more curls in your hair, a water wave wig would be just perfect for you.

Differences Between Wet and Wavy Wigs and Body Wave Wigs

Here are some of the differences between wet and wavy wigs and body wave wigs:


Wet and Wavy Wigs have tighter curls, which tend to look packed together. The wig has a wet appearance, which makes the curls look lustrous and smooth. Body wave wigs have loose curls, and they appear smooth.


Body wave wigs are easier to style in different ways. Wet and Wavy Wigs may require more styling tools and take up more time. This is due to their tight curls.


Body wave wigs require more maintenance than wet and wavy wigs. The wet and wavy wigs are easier to style, and they are good to wear on the go with little or no stress.

Differences Between Deep Wave and Body Wave Wigs

Wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles among women. There are different styles of wave hairs. Choosing a specific one is dependent on the preference of each person. Here are some of the differences between deep wave wigs and body wave wigs:


Body wave wigs have large S-shaped curls that follow through a particular pattern. At the same time, the deep wave wigs come with smaller curls, which are very tight. The curls are deeper and are available in a variety of twists.

Style and texture

Body wave wigs have a soft texture since they are mostly made from natural hair. Its large curls are bouncy and give a vibrant look.

The deep wave wigs are also soft but heavier to wear. This is because of the curls, which are more dominant than the body wave wigs. Deep wave wigs are also simple to style.

Hair maintenance

Body wave wigs are easier to maintain because their curls are not tight. They can also be styled as wavy or straight hair. Deep wave wigs, on the other hand, are more stressful to maintain, thanks to their tight curls. It will also be difficult to straighten out your deep wave wigs like the body waves.

Where to Buy Quality Body Wave Wigs

Buying quality body wave wigs is the secret to having long-lasting hair. A hair brand you can trust for quality body wave wigs is Luvme Hair. Their wigs are 100% human hair and very affordable. When you get a box of your new hair, you also get to enjoy other perks like a free wig cap. Luvme Hair has both online and physical stores where you can buy your quality hair.


Both body wave and water wave wigs offer similar benefits and hair volume. Making a choice of what you want depends on your uniqueness. Body wave wigs come with fuller volume and a smooth appeal. This makes them stand out among other hair textures. Their distinct S-shaped curls give a unique appeal to make you stand out anywhere. Their versatility is another advantage body waves have over other wig textures. When choosing the right body wave wig, focus more on the quality. 100% human body wave wigs are longer than other types. Buy the best wigs from the best vendors or hair brands.