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Mind Blockchain Launches a New Blockchain for Mental Health

Decentralization in health services, platforms, and systems is a vital mainstay for reform initiatives. Mental health, in particular, requires a more significant input due to its rising menace to the world. Thus, Mind Blockchain is introducing a new blockchain, a decentralized platform for effective mental health awareness and combatting subsequent disorders.

What is the driving force for the Mind blockchain project?

Mind blockchain instigates its efforts from the following statistics in surges in mental health issues between 2020 and 2021 during research by the CDC:

  • Over 40,000 people die from suicide annually in America
  • Mental health disorders affect up to 800 million people worldwide
  • For every 5 Americans, 1 suffers from mental health issues
  • As estimated by CDC, over 100,000 people died from a drug overdose in America from May 2020 to April 2021

The main trigger for the rise in mental health disorders has been the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). The disease’s effects have been incredibly overwhelming, from people losing their loved ones to losing their livelihoods. Although the intensity of this pandemic has dialed down, the toll it has taken and continues to take on mental health is indubitably significant.

Goals of the Mind blockchain project

Mind blockchain takes the above information into account in its efforts towards prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. The project will be more efficient and productive by advancing technology and utilizing a decentralized platform. For example, Non-Fungible Data (NFD)™ developmental process is underway and will be released after all tests have been done. It will be used for compelling research transmission data on a decentralized platform between relevant scientists.

In addition to such advancements in research programs, the project aims to:

1) Assist in front examination and analysis, looking to foster new procedures to manage, analyze, and hinder mental ailments

2) Provide funding to specialists working at the essential, translational, or logical reaches;

3) Facilitate forefront investigation looking to foster new systems to manage, analyze, handle, and prevent mental ailments;

4) Promptly help, improve, and foster the stockpile of mental well-being applications.

5) Support scientists in this field of study at vulnerable stages in their careers, such as those with independent research groups.

6) Uphold the creation and implementation of educational, mental health programs focused on strengthening communities at local levels

By taking into account the fundamental flaws and disparities in the mental health systems, this decentralized platform by Mind Blockchain will facilitate better healing and coping programs. Such approaches will help cushion people from any effects and prepare them for whatever may come after. It will also enable them to make better-informed decisions and even get back on their feet. This is mainly for those who lost their livelihoods and will now be able to get back into businesses such as trading with best-performing cryptocurrencies, creating their startup, and making all their dreams come true.

Seeking mental health assistance can prove daunting to many. Mind blockchain acts as a catalyst in ensuring increased numbers of people can access the services. This is by supporting enhanced utilization of telehealth and digital technologies to gain parity for mental health care.

Bottom line

Mind blockchain is a revolutionary approach toward improved mental health care that will immensely benefit millions of people.

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