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Why You Should Switch to Natural and Organic Cosmetic Products

Natural and organic skincare is a beauty trend with increasing popularity. However, most conventional makeup products on the market contain artificial fragrances, colorants, and other harmful chemicals. The adoption and increasing use of natural cosmetics by big brands such as Lux Hair Lounge reinforces the importance of including these products in your makeup routine. Below are the benefits of switching to natural products.

1. No Harsh Chemicals

While they can temporarily improve appearance, conventional makeup products contain harsh chemicals on the skin. These products often lead to allergic reactions and irritate people with sensitive skin. Chemicals used in non-organic products, such as phthalates and parabens, also negatively affect the endocrine system. These chemicals have been associated with type II diabetes and cancer.

2. Nutrient-rich

The skin absorbs approximately 60% of anything applied to it. However, the skin is a protective barrier that prevents dangerous compounds from entering the body. Interestingly, topical personal care products can reach body systems, causing untold health consequences.

Natural cosmetic products contain organic ingredients, such as cocoa butter, which provides essential fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy and youthful skin. White tea extracts, pomegranate seeds, grapes, and apricots also provide antioxidant benefits.

3. Prevents Premature Aging

Premature aging is among the many detriments of using makeup products continuously. Fortunately, natural cosmetic products provide adequate protection from harsh UV rays. Facial skin is thinner and susceptible to UV-caused skin aging. Using organic cosmetic products can help maintain healthy and youthful skin. Most organic facial products contain potent antioxidants, such as vitamin C. These products come in handy, especially during summer, when sun rays are the strongest.

4. Eco-friendly

Most conventional beauty products contain petroleum and other chemicals used in the production process. Compounds such as petroleum, lead, and aluminum used in manufacturing these products require extensive mining. These chemicals are mined in beautiful and sensitive regions like the Amazon rainforest. Miles of natural land are also destroyed, and vital wildlife is stripped of its natural habitat.

Most cosmetic products, if not all, use aluminum. Unfortunately, aluminum mining contributes to the destruction of vast sizes of rainforests. Research studies have also shown that these chemicals can cause Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Using aluminum-free beauty products is the best way to avoid exposure.

Besides sustainable sourcing, another principal value of natural cosmetics is that they shouldn’t negatively affect nature. This includes the effects of packaging materials used. Most manufacturers of beauty products use recycled materials instead of plastic packaging. Others have developed innovative formats, such as refilling options, which significantly reduce the need for packaging.

5. Natural Products Smell Better

Most hypoallergenic products designed for sensitive skins are fragrance-free. This is because manufacturers don’t use harsh chemicals often responsible for the fake scents that most conventional beauty products have. You’ll enjoy the natural scents of natural flowers and herbs using these products. While a few scents like citrus can affect sensitive skin, most of these products are safe.


You should consider replacing your conventional makeup products with healthy products with natural ingredients. While natural cosmetic products cost slightly more, you can find plenty of options that fit your budget.

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