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Natural remedies that help recover from lower back surgery faster

Natural remedies – If you’ve been prescribed lower back surgery, the healing process will be a long and arduous one, and that’s coming from someone who has personal experience. You’re lucky if you can get out of bed without experiencing pain, and it’s even more unpleasant when you’re trying to walk around. This article will teach you to minimize your recovery time with natural remedies such as ginger teas and yoga. Don’t lose hope – you’ll feel like yourself in no time!

What Causes Back Pain?

There are two ways to look at back pain: the immediate cause of the pain – injury. The other way is that it could have happened for a reason – it may have been caused by something you did or didn’t do. If you turn on your computer for an hour and then sit down, your lower back may hurt because of poor posture. If you routinely sit before bed without stretching or doing anything else, you’ll likely have low back pain soon after.

So what causes back pain? The most common cause is injury, but some people say that their lower backs hurt because they sit on their backs all day long. The truth is neither of these is entirely wrong. If you’ve ever suffered from lower back pain while sitting, you know how unpleasant it can be.

Lower Back Pain Analysis

The lower back is made up of two bones – the sacrum and the lumbar vertebrae. The muscles that support the spine are all attached to these four bones. If one of these muscles gets injured, you’ll likely feel the pain in your lower back – but forward bending may even worsen it. You should never just sit on your bum for an hour or so without stretching first; doing some basic range-of-motion exercises will prevent pain from setting in before it happens.

Natural remedies

If you’ve just had lower back surgery, you must take your recovery slowly. Rest is essential. If it hurts too much to get out of bed after about an hour, don’t force yourself – just stay down for a few minutes longer. A great way to spice up your recovery is by drinking ginger teas and eating spicy foods.

  • Any form of spicy food will help you recover faster than most other things, particularly if they’re boiling! 
  • Ginger teas are another excellent option for people who aren’t fond of spicy foods, and I recommend drinking a warm ginger tea and drinking it throughout the day.
  • Yoga and stretching will also help you recover faster since you’re improving your flexibility and strength. Make sure to take time to relax after yoga, too. 
  • With the right things to eat and drink, you can rest assured that your recovery won’t be as painful as it may have been otherwise.
  • Natural pain-relieving and rest drinks such as ginger teas can be found at most grocery stores and online. Many people have had success with these teas, so why not give them a try? They are 100% natural and help reduce inflammation. Remember to keep your back straight when you are sitting for too long on your bum.
  • Martial arts are also very good at reducing pain and inflammation while also strengthening your core. These exercises can be convenient in the recovery process, don’t underestimate the power of the proper training.

These things will help you recover faster from lower back surgery, but what about after that? You can do even more if you’ve recovered from surgery – including yoga! Yoga is all about flexibility and strength, and there are many different types, some more gentle than others.

Just make sure to be careful with lower back pain while you are doing yoga! Some of the postures at the beginning may cause more pain than you would like.

Yoga is also perfect for your concentration levels, so even if you don’t get on top of your recovery immediately, practicing yoga will help you on the inside. 

What are alternative methods of traditional surgery?

  1. The most common alternative to traditional surgery is called non-surgical lumbar fusion. This procedure involves removing the disc in the patient’s back and replacing it with a bone cement material, which is similar to bone. After this, the surgeon drills holes in the vertebrae so they can be screwed together. The advantage of this surgical method is that there is MUCH less recovery time than traditional surgery (and nerve damage). 
  2. Another method is the TOPS System by Premia Spine. This procedure involves A single screw with a locking mechanism that holds the disc fragment in place. After this, a cylindrical piece of metal is placed into the vertebrae and is moved around until it contacts the disc fragment. After all of this, a total of eight screws are placed into the vertebrae, which hold everything together. From there, your surgeon uses a larger screw at the end of this procedure to fuse all of these fragments. After all of this, you will be given an epidural for pain control and some time off from work. 

Many doctors prefer traditional surgery because it is faster and results in less pain.

How long does the recovery process take?

It depends on how far along you are in your recovery process when you decide to do yoga. If your back hurts when doing yoga, then just stop before things get worse. You always want to remember that there are plenty of other exercises you can do.

One thing you should never do is strain yourself while doing exercises. If your back hurts during any activity, it’s time to stop! Recovery will go much faster if you are relaxed and are not in pain. Just try what you can handle – even if that means sitting down for an hour or two. 


Lower back pain is not something you should take lightly, and it can be excruciating and negatively impact your life if you don’t do anything about it! Eat delicious foods, drink ginger teas, rest, and try some exercises to make your back feel better fast. Hopefully, these tips will help you out in the long run!


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