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Onion – Definition, The Best 11 Health Benefits, and More

Onion Definition

Onion has been a prevalent food in kitchens for hundreds of years. For this reason, even remedies develop with it.

The onion has become one of the essential vegetables in gastronomy. Its flavour and versatility allow enhancing the organoleptic qualities of different types of dishes. It believes in consuming long before man invented a written language and developed agricultural techniques.

Its value for its nutritional richness and its properties allow it to use as a natural remedy against many diseases in many cultures.

Its main benefit is that it fixes not cause side effects and, on the contrary, it has very positive actions throughout the body. And also, Many recommend it as an alternative remedy. It acts against specific pathogens and does not alter the bacterial flora of the intestine.

Health Benefits of Onion


This time, we will share 11 benefits that can obtain by incorporating them into the regular diet.

1. Onion Helps Improve Circulation

  • An essential contribution makes it an excellent remedy to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.
  • Due to its silica content, ingesting it regularly reduces the risk of thrombosis and the arteries’ ageing.
  • Also, it has an anticoagulant effect that prevents the formation of varicose veins.
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2. Natural Expectorant

  • Remedy with honey, onion and lemon for cough.
  • Its content of vitamins A and C says that onion can improve the body’s immune response.
  • Also, its essential oils say to secrete sulfur compounds, which is a specific way act as expectorants, facilitating recovery.
  • Therefore, it would also provide some relief in case of cold and catarrh.

3. Helps Prevent Anemia

Patients with an episode of anaemia can rely on the nutrients in onion. It increases the production of red blood cells and also replenishes blood loss because it contains:

  • Iron.
  • Match.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C.

4. Help Control High Blood Pressure

  • One of the complications that patients with high blood pressure have is fluid retention due to excess sodium.
  • This vegetable contains potassium, a mineral essential for the balance of water and reduced tissue inflammation.
  • Eating onion in its raw state reduces high blood pressure levels. And also, It also supports the treatment of gout and kidney stones.

5. Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

  • Its supply of glucokinase makes it a recommended food for patients with an uncontrolled glucose curve.
  • Eating it fresh would help regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate the secretion of pancreatic juice.

6. Improves Digestive Function

  • According to beliefs, onion is a food that can help to carry out the digestion process properly.
  • It is because it is easy to assimilate and digest the food that does not promote heaviness.

7. Strengthens Defenses

  • An adequate daily dose of vitamin C maintains active defences and creates a protective barrier against viruses and other pathogens that cause disease.
  • As the onion contains a certain amount of vitamin C, its inclusion in a balanced diet can be beneficial in this regard.

8. Supports the Nervous System

  • The onion contains a certain amount of vitamin B and potassium, transmitting nerve impulses properly.
  • For its part, magnesium is related to the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle relaxation.
  • And also, it is commonly combined with melatonin to improve the quality of sleep, according to scientific literature.

9. It is a Natural Pain Reliever

  • There is the hypothesis that the quercetin contained in the onion gives it an analgesic effect.
  • For this reason, it considers that it could serve as a natural remedy to relieve headaches and other types of discomfort associated with tension.
  • Despite everything, there is not enough scientific evidence in this regard, as the experts of the Association 5 a day comment.

10. Helps to Lose Weight

  • Eating onion does not help you lose weight. However, when the onion includes a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it can provide certain benefits that contribute to weight loss.
  • On the other hand, it must remember that onion is a low-calorie food rich in fibre. It allows for improving the mechanism of satiety, which results in a decrease in appetite.

11. It is Rich in Flavonoids

  • According to experts, it’s rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, sulfur compounds, and flavonoids that could improve the entire body’s health.
  • And also, due to this critical action, its incorporation and its application, reduce the risk of premature ageing.


Onion is suitable for a healthy diet. Onion can be a very beneficial food when consumed in moderation, within a balanced diet.

Also, keep in mind that none of their contributions is miraculous. Therefore, it should never consume as a substitute for medications that the doctor may have prescribed.


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