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Perfumes Write for Us

Perfumes Write for Us

Perfumes Write for Us – Perfume is part of our life. Closely linked to olfactory memory, it causes reactions and emotions. And it also affects our mood quite powerfully. Different effects are obtained based on the essences used: stimulating, relaxing, and energizing. And also, An intoxicating journey to discover the wonderful world of perfume. This term is very generic and is often misused. Let’s find out better what this word means and the difference between Eau de toilette, eau de Cologne, and Eau de parfum. But we will also see how easy it is to make personalized perfume at home, and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

What is Perfume?

It means a mixture based on alcohol (or oily substances) combined with other aromatic essences. And also, This solution, thus obtained, is generally used to give a pleasant smell to the human body and rooms and objects.

How is the Perfume Made?

It consists of a set of smells. To recognize them and be able to describe them, we rely on the olfactory pyramid. It is developed on three levels which are called “olfactory notes.”

Op notes (or high notes): Made up of the lightest and most volatile essential oils, they are the first notes we perceive and therefore make the first impression. Generally, fresh, aquatic, and citrus fruits evaporate within a few minutes. And also, The top notes have a stimulating and energizing effect with their light and lively smell. And also, They act quickly on the mind. In a perfume, top notes offer the essential oils of orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, lemongrass, cedar, eucalyptus, cardamom, and peppermint.

Heart notes (or middle notes): Perceived immediately after the top notes, being the central part, they are also the one that best characterizes it. Flowery or fruity, they are intense, sensual, enveloping, and long-lasting (they can persist for up to 3 hours). This medium’s most persistent essential oils are rose, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli, geranium, cloves, lemon balm, myrtle, sage, and laurel. They are the ones able to evoke emotions.

Base notes (or base notes) are the most persistent and long-lasting. They develop very slowly. We don’t feel very intense immediately, but they last for a long time, even days after applying the perfume. They define the soul of the smell and are generally woody, musky, warm, and spicy notes. The essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, Scots pine, juniper, cloves, tea tree, ginger, thyme, vetiver, basil, and cinnamon offer base notes .birch, cedar wood.

What They are, a Brief History

The perfume is invisible and present, a symbol and a dream. Perfumed skin attracts us and makes our emotions explode. And also, In the past, it was an unknown and mysterious world that recalled the practices of medieval and Renaissance magicians. But perfumes have been used since ancient times. And also, The Egyptians, in honor of the sun god, burned perfumed essences. They also worshiped other deities: Bes, who protected cosmetics and Toth perfumes.

For these people, perfumes had a religious value, so much so that they could only prepare by priests and in sacred places. And also, Even the Babylonians, around 2000 BC, made great use of odorous substances; they burned myrrh and other aromatic resins.

What are Niche Perfumes?

Artfully calibrated, blended with love and originality in the notes and combinations: this is what niche perfumes are! They arise from accurate studies and research and are created by selecting raw materials and essences that manage to find ever-new and innovative balances. And also, These come to life from the skillful ability of expert master perfumers to identify that fragrance that no one has yet managed to find. They are defined thanks to a strong character, with a perfectly defined identity and a harmonious balance of the essences that compose them.

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