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Why Procrastination Is Harmful And What You Can Do About It

Procrastination by itself is not that harmful. It is completely natural to not feel like doing a certain task because of low energy. This is normal and happens to everyone around us. However, the belief is that anything done in excess can be harmful to us. Even things deemed beneficial to us such as drinking water can lead to poisoning if done too much. As such, there needs to be control present to stop repeatedly doing anything. If you have no control then that it may be that you are addicted to that action.

There are widely related addictions present such as being addicted to smoking or alcohol. Yet, there is almost no such thing as being addicted to procrastination. It is also common to believe you are not an addict to procrastination too. Ask yourself about whether you live a lifestyle where you leave tasks up until the last minute. If this is you then chances are you are procrastinating more than necessary. Below are some of the harmful effects procrastination causes as well as how to stop it.

Why Procrastination Is Harmful

The clearest way to see procrastination harming us is during school or work. Important tasks such as tests are left at the last minute. This results in you cramming the night before sacrificing sleep and well-being. The information you learn will be retained for less time too. Yet, this is one of the good cases of procrastination. Deadlines and exam dates warn us to start studying before it is too late. What happens when there is no deadline?

This is where the true harmful effects of procrastination take place. When you procrastinate about your personal life repeatedly, you will suffer in the long term. Procrastinating about working out, fixing your diet, sleep routine, or anything else for example. There is little to no deadline to warn you about when it will be too late for those tasks. Those who are addicted simply believe they cannot do anything and give in to bad habits.

What follows is a lifestyle filled with bad decisions and habits that slowly leave you worse off. Getting out of this lifestyle is considered difficult because of the procrastination addiction. Simply put, procrastination if not tackled in time can be deadly to you. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to mitigate procrastination.

What You Can Do About It

With procrastination being so lethal to us, we have to be steadfast in stopping it. The ideal goal is to work on small things instead of fixing the bigger issues. This way you build up self-confidence and willpower gradually. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1: Small Achievements

The most common mistake people make is to challenge their entire lifestyle at once. This almost always fails because of low motivation and energy levels. Instant bursts of motivation can make it seem like an easy task. The key is to realize it will be a slow and difficult process. To make a difference, you will have to start with the smallest tasks possible first. They may not seem like much change yet will bring you more than you think.

Examples of some small achievements can be, drinking more water, making your bed, etc. Think about the goals you want to achieve long term and then the smallest thing you can do. For example, if you want to be regular at the gym start with a push-up a day at your home. Gradually the confidence and resolve to go to the gym will show up itself with little effort.

2: Focus On Doing

The reason for procrastination in most cases is when we think about the result of what to do. When you think about studying for hours, you will often think about how smart you will be after. This is wrong and can lead to lower motivation levels after the first few minutes. What you need to do is to focus on the process of the result. This way you train your brain to do something instead of pondering about the result. This can be hard at the beginning yet will pay off greatly once you get the hang of it.

3: Outfits Can Change Your Brain

Once you have accumulated confidence from the small tasks, it is time to work on the big ones. A simple way to discipline yourself is to take out designated outfits for tasks. If you procrastinate about skipping out on school, work, or the gym then outfits are needed. It may be confusing to see how outfits are related so allow us to explain.

Getting into an outfit you designated for a task instantly tells your brain it is time to do it. For example, wearing a tracksuit can tell your brain it is time to go to the gym. A suit can make it so you are more disciplined to go to work. Outfits can be used in any way necessary even for going out with friends. Expand your collection of clothes and work on mixing it up now and then until it is a habit. Purchase new shoes, jeans, or jackets from a custom jacket manufacturer.


Procrastination can limit you from your potential greatly. With the right tools and expertise, we are confident you will be able to beat it and live freely. The tips above can be a start to beating procrastination.

Why Procrastination Is Harmful And What You Can Do About It

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