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A Few FAQs About your First Time Attending a Recovery Center

Recovery Center – If you find that you or a loved one needs to get help from a treatment facility, then the first step is admitting you have an issue. After you realize that your addiction or substance abuse concerns have spiraled out of control – like you are missing school, you are no longer going to work, and you are not seeing your friends in your social circle anymore – these are all signs that you would benefit from figuring out why you are using substances and how you can kick this addiction to the curb.

But what if you are scared about going to a treatment facility for the first time? If so, you are not alone – this can seem like a daunting and intimidating place for everyone! Just because you have noticed that you have a problem, you might still be uncomfortable with the notion of going to check yourself in somewhere to get help. However, keep in mind that there have been millions of other people who have done the same thing before you – and they have successfully gotten clean and sober in the process.

Let’s check out a few of the most common frequently asked questions and answers to put your mind at ease before your first time attending a treatment facility for your addiction issues!

The most common FAQs about going to a Recovery Center

Typically when it comes to substance abuse, the most beneficial treatment approach is checking yourself or your loved one into a treatment facility like The Forge Recovery Center for either inpatient or outpatient programs. After you go through the initial detoxification phase, it is up to you to decide how you want to get help. Let’s see a few common questions regarding his process and they can help you.

Can Family visit me during my stay at the Recovery Center?

The role of your family in helping you get clean and sober is extremely important. Not only will they form a huge part of your support network to encourage you to get clean, but they will be the ones who are there helping you when you leave rehab at the end of your program. Your family can come to visit you at the recovery center to help through tough times, talk with you when you need a friend, and also attend family group therapy sessions so you can see the role your family is playing in your addiction.

Can you Smoke Cigarettes at the Recovery Center?

Some addiction treatment centers are very strict and state that there is no tobacco on site. This is typically the case, as the professionals are trying to get everyone to avoid using substances altogether as a coping mechanism for whatever they are feeling inside. However, some recovery centers will let you smoke cigarettes so you can keep your anxiety as low as possible. You will have to ask the specific treatment center to see if you can smoke at the facility and the policies regarding smoking cigarettes and tobacco at your recovery center.

What is the First Step of going to a Recovery Center?

Typically the first step of going to a recovery center is the medical detoxification phase. This is the phase that you will go through to help wean yourself off of the substance you are currently on, whether it is alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or another type of drug. If you find that you are scared about this process, don’t be – there will be professionals around you at all times to provide support, medication-assisted treatment, and therapy sessions to help with the hard come-down of the substance. Some drugs have harder withdrawal symptoms compared to others, with some producing both mental and physical symptoms. Others will produce only mental symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, that can be helped through the recovery center’s group counseling and individual therapy sessions.

What Kind of Substances does a Recovery Center Treat?          

If you are wondering if the review center will be able to treat your specific type of substance abuse concerns or addiction, chances are they will – they are well versed in treating all different types of addictions, whether it be for alcoholism, food, exercise, or drugs. If you are habituated to any type of substance, most recovery centers have a specific plan that pertains to the drug you are using, whether it be opiates, opioids, cocaine, heroin, or barbiturates. While many people experience some sort of Foods for drug detox or drug withdrawal symptoms, some substances are said to be more severe

Make sure you are clear and tell the staff what drug you are currently using so they can give you the proper treatment plan and personalized prom to help work with your individual needs. In addition, most recovery centers will also work with those who have a dual diagnosis – this means that you are suffering from a mental health disorder, like anxiety or depression, along with a substance abuse concern.

Are there Chances for Outdoor Exercise?

You will typically find that there are outdoor greens spaces and exercise areas at a recovery center. Not only will there be outside space, but sometimes there are nice amenities, like a running track, hiking trails, sports courts, and a swimming pool. Doing some exercise will help get your mind off of what you are going through and encourage you to start living a healthy and active lifestyle once more.

Will I see a Doctor Every Week?

At a recovery center, the typical plan is for each patient to see a doctor or nurse every single day of their treatment program. This is the best way that they can be held accountable and for the doctor to monitor your progress and see how you are doing. The number of times you check in with a professional per week typically depends on where you are in your program, how you are feeling, and your level of dependence on your substance. Typically, you will find that as you go on in the program that your doctor’s visits will not be as often as they were at the beginning of your stay.


If you’re considering checking yourself into a recovery center, this is a great step in helping yourself get clean and sober from the substances you are using!

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