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Seize the Night: Things That You Will Avoid When Using the Right Mattress

Mattress: “Health is Wealth” is an old but timeless saying that still rings a bell, especially during this time. Health becomes a treasure today. But staying healthy is always a challenge; there are threats of different illnesses, viruses, and temptations of unhealthy lifestyles brought about by so many circumstances.

A healthy lifestyle comes in many different ways, and you can achieve it in such different manners. You can have a healthy lifestyle by having healthy diets or by abstinence from some foods. Or You can also practice self-deprivation in some routines or even put yourself on strict discipline over a bad habit.

Routines may include sleeping. Undeniably, getting enough sleep is needed by your body for your good health. Sleeping is a luxury for some and not valued by others. One of the many factors of getting sound sleep is using appropriate mattresses. Sleeping on appropriate mattresses not only give you comfort and deep sleep, but most of all, it helps you avoid acquiring these health issues:

Body Pain

Body pain is an everyday experience familiar to many. And because it is often felt and experienced, you become accustomed and sometimes neglect causes and symptoms. Causes of body pains are sometimes due to strenuous activities performed or encountered by your body. But sometimes, even in your sleep, you still get body pain.

These pains are caused by lying in the wrong bed. You might be unaware that you are sleeping in a bed that is not appropriate for your body needs and sleeping position. And such sleep activity will stress out your body that will result in body pains.

To address this sleep issue, always use the best mattress to support your needs. Not only that it gives comfort, but it also releases you from the discomfort of body pains.


Headache may not be as life-threatening as you thought, but sometimes it does otherwise. One of the reasons for headaches is lack of sleep. And headaches are often linked to migraine and tension headaches. Migraine manifests in some symptoms like pain on one side of the head, light and sound sensitivity, vomiting, nausea, and pain that lasts from hours to days. Meanwhile, a tension headache may cause mild to moderate pain and is not as worse as a migraine.

Headaches, regardless of the cause, should be addressed accordingly. Ignoring it will disrupt your routines and activities, and if it worsens, it may even develop into other chronic or even severe illnesses.

Disturbed Sleep

If you are an adult, you should get 7-9 hours of sleep at night. Fulfilling this sleep requirement of your body allows you to perform well on mental tasks. But, sometimes, you get less because of disturbed sleep or transient insomnia that is usually caused by some disturbances. These disturbances are unknowingly due to using the wrong mattress. Therefore, mattresses that don’t match your body needs will result in disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation.

When you do not address the cause of the sleep disturbance, it will eventually progress to a more serious sleep disorder or maybe insomnia. And this condition will sometimes develop into a chronic illness or a serious one.


Your mood can swiftly change due to lack of sleep. You will become irritable and agitated. Sometimes irritability and negative moods progress into sadness, anger, and even anxiety.

So, you must get the right amount and the right kind of sleep. And using the right kind of mattress is a factor in getting the right kind of sleep.

Worsen Existing Condition

It is vital to use an appropriate mattress, especially if you have pre-existing conditions influenced by sleeping positions like sleep apnea and scoliosis.

For sleep apnea, you need to sleep on an upright and elevated head. Having sleep apnea causes disruptive sleep and oxygen deprivation on your body. To avoid the risks experienced while asleep, always do the proper sleeping position and the proper mattress. Meanwhile, if you have scoliosis, flat-lying is the best position for you. Use pillows between your back and the mattress gaps to help the spine in a neutral, straight position.

The above conditions require appropriate mattresses for the required sleeping position and comfortable sleep. Make sure to use mattresses that are firm enough to support your body and sleep conditions but soft enough to give you comfort and deep sleep. Using the wrong bed will not do good to your health as it will worsen your condition.


Mattresses may not be necessary for some, and others don’t give as much value either. But using mattresses must be taken with importance to safeguard your health and protect your well-being.

Be aware that using the proper mattresses will give you sound sleep and save you from acquiring many health issues. To avoid getting all those sleep-related discomforts and illnesses, always make sure that you prioritize the importance of using the best and appropriate mattresses for your health and well-being.

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